MODULE R Founder Donald Rattner Talks Modern Design

Donald Rattner, founder of MODULE R—which opened a year ago at 141 Atlantic Avenue—is profiled in the latest issue of Brooklyn’s The L Magazine. Writer Kristin Iversen offers, “How can we exert some control over our spaces in the absence of oneiric home renovation? Enter MODULE R, a high-concept, modern design store.”

The upscale boutique, dedicated to “modular, reconfigurable and customizable design,” was launched by architect Rattner, who was inspired to open the store after he was commissioned to design 30 identical modular prefabricated hotel cottages for an historic spa resort in West Virginia. He says, “This got me interested not only in modularity, but in any kind of creative product or system that accommodates reconfigurability, co-creativity and flexible design. When I discovered that no one in the design, retail or gallery sectors had thought to specialize in this body of work, I figured it was my duty to rectify the situation.”

L says that Rattner, who our Heather Quinlan profiled in 2010, feels the store benefits from “the architects, graphic designers and members of the creative class” who live in the area.

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  • Livingston

    Love browsing (and shopping) in this store. They have such interesting, unique (and functional) items. And a wide range — from toys to housewares to decorative.

  • David on Middagh

    Module R one of those Atlantic Avenue must-visits.

    And the address (141) happens to be the diagonal of a 100 x 100 space, doesn’t it?

    Well, if you think of it as 141.4 Atlantic…

  • Heather Quinlan

    Thanks, Chuck – that was my first video for BHB! I should start doing some more again.