Nabe TV Reporter Finds Cheap Haircut

The New York Times reports today of some high-end hairdressers going rogue and giving after-hours haircuts outside of their usual tony surroundings. One client of this service is Reuters TV correspondent and nabe resident Manoush Zomorodi:

New York Times: A Salon Look..: Like other hairdressers in New York and elsewhere, the stylist was working after hours on this Thursday evening, without his employer’s knowledge, for $60 a head — a fraction of the salon price. “I could never afford to go to the salon that shall also remain unnamed,” said Ms. Zomorodi, a freelance television reporter from Brooklyn Heights.

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  • AEB

    It a good hair day. Or, rather, it’s been a good hair week. I’m referring of course to Governor Blogo’s very special, totally alarming “do.”

    I’ll be doing a monograph on political hair and it’s effect on global warming, Detroit’s meltdown, gasoline prices, world starvation–in fact, on all of mankind’s ills.

    Those who wish a copy of the completed work can send a stamped self-addressed envelope to—well, Homer, would you mind them sending their envelopes care of you?

    Much obliged.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Can my wife join the party? My last charge of our credit card was over $450 from that hairdresser at the Plaza. My wife will promise to bring the wine, compliments of her husband.