BHB Reader Profile: Lauren Jonik

Lauren Jonik, a BHB reader and sometime commenter, has an exhibit of her photographs on display at Vineapple, 71 Pineapple Street (between Henry and Hicks). The exhibit will be in place until the end of December. Jonik, a native of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, loves her adopted home, Brooklyn Heights, and delights in photographing its many architectural and other glories. Under the name Shoot Like A Girl Photography she does greeting cards, prints, and freelance photography; her website is here, and she is also on Facebook.

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  • Reggie

    I raise a Yuengling to Ms. Jonik!

  • Claude Scales

    Reggie: I clink my Yuengling with yours. Ms. Jonik and I have this in common (besides both being Keystone State natives): Yuengling is no longer just made in the nation’s oldest brewery, in Pottsville, it’s also made in Tampa, which I call my hometown having spent much of my childhood and youth there. It’s made in what was once a Schlitz brewery located across the road from the campus of my alma mater, the University of South Florida. If the wind was from the south, you could get a little bit tipsy just by breathing deeply while walking across campus.

  • Wiley E.

    Okay, Claude. So that’s the ticket.

  • Claude Scales

    Well, not quite. It seems my memory was faulty. She’s from Pottstown, not Pottsville.

  • Lauren

    It’s easy to mistake Pottsville for Pottstown and it happens quite frequently when I tell people where I am from. The two locations are only about an hour apart from each other.

    That all said, cheers to you Reggie, Wiley E. and Claude!