Bizarre Police Incident On The Promenade

Early Wednesday evening, a fire truck and ambulance were parked outside the Pierrepont entrance to the Promenade, as cops and paramedics were helping out a guy who had somehow fallen into the garden side just beyond the playground along Columbia Heights. The man, who appeared to be in his early 20s, was conscious but unable to move, as firemen attempted to carefully lift him over the fence and onto a stretcher. The FDNY wasn’t offering any information other than what we observed. Quite an odd phenom.

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  • Heightsman

    A theory: The man had spotted BeeBop – and captor – out for a walk on the playground. The young man attempted a citizen’s arrest, before being hit with a paralytic agent by the albino monk who guards BeeBop’s captor at all times. The fireman just knew what was good for him, and kept mum.

    Free BeeBop!

  • F J Underhill

    Doesn’t sound that odd at all.

    Sounds like some kid from the St George dorms, or the dorms on Clark + Columbia Hts got drunk, tried to climb the park fence and fell and broke his legs.

    There was a pack of drunk frat guys out the other night who I almost called the cops on – they were kicking over trashcans, throwing stuff around the street. The loud college kids on the promenade seemed especially bad this fall, but they’ve quieted down, until this week. Maybe this was part of that same crew.

  • BeeBopFan1
  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve heard loud obnoxious college kids near me late at night—2, 3am—and am not surprised at this possible disruptive behavior.

  • Saa419

    Maybe he got bit by a rat.

  • Gerry

    @ Saa419 – the rats down here are a big problem

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    It had to be one of the idiot dorm kids, who prance down Clark Street all hours of the night at full, drunken volume. Is it wrong for me to hope that his fall hurt?

  • Heightsman

    May the real Heightsman stand up…..have the creativity to develop your own name friend.

  • bagel boy

    I have seen some really bad behavior lately from the EHS dorm crowd. In the past month I have seen on Pineapple, clark and the promenade. Drinking. Smoking pot. Urination by both men and women. When I was in college I saw some things but never a woman peeing on a sidewalk surrounded by a group of kids laughing about it.

    There are some very rowdy packs of kids. This isn’t the east village. Its BH. There is nowhere for them to go blow off steam. I am very concerned that when the Jehova”s finally leave BH, that big bldg on Willow and Orange will become a dorm. That will destroy the nabe.

  • Gerry

    @ bagel boy – never have I seen a woman urinate in public she must have been very drunk.

  • GHB

    The dorm residents were very loud on Saturday night. I mean shouting at the top of their lungs around midnight loud. No respect whatsoever for the residents of the North Heights. If I was near that, I’d call the cops at every opportunity.

  • bagel boy

    As I said Gerry. Some really bad behavior. Maybe its just a small group but the pack roams the streets plastered drunk. She was for sure drunk as were all of her friends. It was dark out and her friends made a little circle around her. A lot of these kids in that dorm are punks.

  • Sally

    @bagel_boy why are you discriminating against punks?