A Sad Farewell: After 24 Years, St. Mark’s Comics Shutters On Montague Street

Sad news: One of the stalwarts of Montague Street has closed its doors after a robust 24 years. On November 30, St. Mark’s Comics at 148 Montague, which opened the satellite outlet in 1988, called it quits. A staffer told BHB today that it’s a familiar story along Brooklyn Heights’ primary retail corridor: a marked hike in rent. St. Mark’s Comics continues in its original location in Manhattan at 11 St. Marks Place. (Photo: Flickr/Pijus)

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  • Anon

    Farewell Metro Comics. You’ll be missed.

  • beurend

    So, it turns out you can’t support a business with no customers… Evil landlords!

  • jeffk

    The girls who worked there on weekends were always incredibly nice, but the guy who ran the place was just awful. Bummed that we’re losing a comic shop, but I still miss Rocketship a heck of a lot more than I’ll miss this place.

  • Joe

    If St Mark’s Comic can’t make it, how in the world does Mr Video on Clark next to the corner bodega survive? That is a true mystery to me.

  • HenryLoL

    Asked them to look at a giant box of comics I had. Said they would give me $200 for them after looking through. Of course after I looked through and tracked them, many were worth $50+ and more than 20 could have been sold for over $100 each. Crooks.

    I am FASCINATED how that video place stays open. Must be from the old timers at 101 Clark — the big tower across the street.

  • Andrew Porter

    They were never a good place to sell comics. They usually told me to go to their St. Mark’s Place store. When I sold my comics collection, it was through a reliable seller, Jerry Weist, on eBay.

    I came across a button I got at a comics convention, in 1964, back when 150 people attending was a big comiCon.

    The reason the Clark St. video place stays open is because they’re the last place to go to in the North Heights.

  • Christina

    The reason Mr. Video III stays open would be plain to you if you were a customer there. It is an old-school, mom and pop spot where all the employees know your name and have a bright hello for you when you enter. Yeah, video rental is dead, but customer service is alive and well at Mr. Video and that’s how it survives.

  • Billy

    I’m sad to see St. Mark’s Comics go. The staff there were always very friendly and if they didn’t have something in stock, they’d always offer to have somebody bring it over from their Manhattan store later that day.

    The landlord of that building is very shady. The ceiling above the door to St. Mark’s Comic caved in a couple of years ago and the landlord never fixed it. I’m amazed that building is still standing. That store is going to need A LOT of work before a new tenant can move in there.