The Master Watchmaker of Brooklyn Heights

The New York Daily News reports today on the only master watchmaker in Brooklyn, the nabe's Hartley Satnick.

923-watchmaker.JPGNew York Daily News: This Master Executes His Job Like Clockwork: Satnick has been in Brooklyn Heights since 1960. He moved to his current site, 187 State St., in January, after a fitness club took over his former location on Joralemon St.

"My old place is a juice bar now," he said.

Although customers know Satnick can occasionally be gruff, especially when in the middle of a watch repair, they swear by him.

"I've never had any bad work. That's why I remember him," said Lenny Ming of Crown Heights.

Vicki Bernstein of Park Slope said, "I have watches that were chronically breaking. Mr. Satnick said I wasn't winding them properly. He could easily have charged me money. But there was no charge and they've been running properly for six years.

"He's a man of integrity," Bernstein added, "even at the expense of his own wallet."

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