Subway Service Alerts: Weekend and Following Week

Still no news about resumption of service on the R line between Brooklyn and Manhattan, so no service in either direction at Court Street. Apart from that, service disruptions at local stations will be minimal, unless you’re traveling into Brooklyn. The 3 train won’t be running at all this weekend, though the 2 train will, so there will be service in both directions, although less than usual, at Clark Street and the 2/3 platform at Borough Hall. The 4 train will be running normally in both directions at Borough Hall, but won’t be operating between Franklin Avenue and New Lots Avenue. Since there is no 3 service, stops past Franklin to New Lots will be served by free shuttle buses. C trains won’t be running between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but A trains will, so there will be less service than usual at High Street. F trains won’t be running between Jay Street-MetroTech and 18th Avenue, and G trains won’t be running between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Church Avenue. In both instances, free shuttle buses will be available.
The following week, there are no planned changes affecting service at local stations, apart from the continuing lack of service on the R line. Update: According to this past Monday’s Daily News service on the R line may be restored within seven to fourteen days. This will be done in two stages: first from 34th Street (where R trains now terminate in Manhattan) to Rector Street, and second through the tunnel to Court street and Jay Street-Metro Tech in Brooklyn. Thanks to reader “bornhere” for the tip.

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  • harumph

    what is the deal with the return of the R train – does anyone know status on that?

  • yoohoo
  • bornhere

    And a bit more information from the NYDN:

  • harumph

    @Born and @yoo – thank you.
    Can’t believe how much I miss the R trains – I guess riding the 4/5 during morning rush hour will do that to a person!!

  • ruthy rosen

    I never thought I’d fall in love with a subway line but absence makes the heart grow fonder and my heart is broken! My beloved “R” at Court Street is MIA with no word on its return. MTA, please have mercy on the poor arthritic elderly who depend on this line! It ain’t easy to drag ourselves to the Borough Hall 4 and 5 and face the overcrowded express trains! I wonder whether they just left this line for last, despite the fact that it is the most devastated. Why is the MTA mum on the subject? Yes I know they finally described the damage on their website but we need some kind of progress report.

  • Richard Pontone

    From the news report, it will be at least two weeks before the r train can go thru the tunnel to Manhattan They have to replace the entire electrical signals and lights in the tunnel.