Park Progress: Pier 5 and Squibb Park Bridge

Sunshades are being put up on the perimiter of Pier 5, seen here from the Promenade. Note also the blue parasols over the tables on the “Picnic Peninsula,” which is on the landward side of the pier. (Click on photo to enlarge; more photos and text after the jump.)

A closer view of Pier 5; note that benches are being installed facing the water.

A view from the Fruit Street Sitting Area of the site of the pedestrian bridge that will connect Squibb Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park below. Note the sections of the bridge lying on supports on the far side of Furman Street, and the path that now loops under the bridge.

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  • Mr. Crusty

    Coming along nicely.

  • Roberto

    I wonder whether there has been any serious reconsideration made about developing such low-lying areas in light of the massive destruction caused by Sandy?

    I am reminded of points of view such as the one below from last June:

    Borough President Marty Markowitz commented, “Not only is the park a perfect location for Brooklyn’s newest hotel — with some of the most amazing views anywhere — but park users will also benefit from the addition of comfort stations, a restaurant, retail and other amenities. And, of course, let’s not forget the creation of more than 500 jobs and the income this development will generate to help achieve the goal of a self-financing park.”

  • Nick BC

    If the hotel and condo that are planned for either side of the Squib park bridge landing are much taller than three or four stories, they will start blocking the view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge at the northern end of the promenade. That will be a tragedy.

  • Julian

    Does Marty Markowitz really give a dame about Hotel in of BBP since himself does not live arounf here?
    Offer his cheap words and selling out theTrue spirit of the Public Park which provide people with tranquility and peacefulness instead of stuffing with condos & hotel unwanted crowds.