Serena Bellino of Tailored Pet Passes

From Sensei Brian comes sad news:

Serena Bellino of the Tailored Pet passed away on Friday.

I just found out this afternoon, so I could see where news might otherwise travel slowly.

I was told that a memorial service had already been held and that donations can be made to your favorite animal charity. If you don’t have one, you can contact the shop and they can make recommendations.

I only knew Serena for the last couple of years since I opened the Dojo, but I appreciated her attitude and outlook on life. She told me she used to get all fired-up over everything, but that over the years she had learned to take life as it was and that all that worrying was pointless.

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  • AEB

    (Can we please retire the term “passes” for “dies?” I know this sounds cranky–but really, a euphemism is the last thing one wants to hear in regard to that most essential of events: death.

    Thank you.)

  • Jazz

    Well hello insensitive.

  • MO

    Serena will be sorely missed by the Brooklyn Heights community, particularly those of us with pets. She was a real salt-of-the-earth woman, completely genuine and a truly wonderful soul. She was a humanitarian, quietly helping pets and their owners in need and never letting on about her efforts. She was a great neighbor and friend. My pups and I will miss her terribly.

    Fyi, her last name was Bellino.

  • Sensei Brian

    Sorry, my mistake.

  • anon

    I am so sorry to hear this. Serena was a tough cookie to crack but once you broke through the outer shell she was all soft a mushy! she was a true friend, and like SB said, “I appreciated her attitude and outlook on life.” She will be missed.

  • Michele

    I first heard of Serena back in 1987 when I opened my shop. Back then we only knew of each other, each being each others competition. Over the years we grew to respect one another, being we were a mirror image of ourselves. I will miss our talks, sharing our stories ,our problems and ideas. Serena was my “hero” ……she gave 35 years of herself to a profession that I know she had to love, she had to have a passion for to endure as long as she did. Serena was the best at what she did, afterall one must be the best to be able to stay in business that long. I will miss you, my freind….Michele ; Let’s Pet

  • marsha

    Serena was a gentle soul -under her tough exterior. I have been a client of hers for at least 10 years and always found her to be honest , upfront and caring. Even when I was not using the store I would stop by with my dog and say hello. She extended herself to me when my dog Chloe died and again when a year later I was thinking of a new dog. I will miss her.

  • Snoopy


  • Jim

    I was saddening to hear of the passing of Serena. I used her services on several occasions, she was nice to me. She may be gone, but she will not be forgotten. I set up an online memorial in her memory. Anyone wishing to view the memorial can copy and paste the link below. I leave these four special words for her. “Hello? Forever. Goodbye? Never. Rest in peace Serena.

  • Pam

    The Tailored Pet groomed and boarded my dogs for 14 years. Serena was wonderful. Even after I moved to a different state, I would try and schedule time for my 3 dogs to be groomed there. I just tried to make an appointment, and was devastated to hear of Serena’s too-early death, and the closing of the store.
    It is surely Brooklyn Heights’ loss. RIP my friend.

  • ruth human

    i have known senera since 1984 she was my friend and mentor she was with me duringthe time that my mother passed away and helped during a difficult battle for me with 2 young children she was always there for me and and never judged me when i read this i cried because for the last few years i kept saying to my self that i am going to stop by and just talk she always made me feel calm and i felt i need to see her i google the tailored pet so i could get the number to find out that i waited to long what a loss for all i will miss her my prayers to her family

  • Sensei Brian

    Look for The Tailored Pet to re-open in a couple of weeks.