Danish Fair is a Hit

This was the scene in Hilles Hall, Plymouth Church yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, as people kept coming in and lining up for the buffet of open faced sandwiches (as always, I particularly liked the briny little shrimp with mayonnaise and lettuce, although the country style pate with sweet pickled beets was also excellent). Carlsberg lager was a perfect accompaniment, and afterward there were apple fritters and pastry. (More photos and text after the jump.)

During our lunch Irene (left) and Julie conducted a lively auction of Danish goods to raise money for the Danish Seamen’s Church.

Having eaten our fill, we walked over to the Danish Seamen’s Church at 102 Willow Street (just south of Clark) to see what was on sale. Julemanden, the Danish Santa, was on the front steps to greet us. Inside, many shoppers were looking at Christmas ornaments, toys, clogs, candy, cookies, and assorted delicacies. The line for food and beverage service in the back garden extended well into the church, so I resolved to return today (Sunday) for my glogg. The fair will be open today, at the Danish Seamen’s Church only, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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  • Monty

    Visited the Danish church yesterday and it was packed to the rafters. Looked like a 30 minute wait for hot dogs and meatballs so I gave up.I did, however, avail myself of butter cookies.

  • Teddy

    Maybe I’ll try to go next year. I’m just a little worried about the crowds. I didn’t have to wait long (a minute or two) for food the last time I went, about ten years ago. A 30 minute wait sounds excessive.

  • Gerry

    We had a wonderful time some many activities for young children so many goodies to eat so many sweet gifts to buy for holiday giving this was a great fair. We got to see our neghbors and friends put a few more names on our guest list for our annual Chrstmas party this was a great day!

    Chrstmas is the very best time of year in Brooklyn Heights!