Open Thread Wednesday: November 14, 2012

Here on the 318th day of 2012, there are but 47 days remaining until the end of the year. That means BHB will offer only six more Open Thread Wednesdays before the turning of the calendar. You better hurry, huh? What’s on your mind? Comment away! (Photo: CT/red velvet cake at Lassen & Hennigs)

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  • Tony

    Seriously, Homer, can we ban all people who write in ALL CAPS? Annoying and unnecessary.

  • A Neighbor

    Moshman was recommended to me by several long-time patients. I highly recommend him. He is a perfectionist. I appreciate that.

  • Alec

    @ North Heights Res – try smoke joint in ft greene for bbq or the cuban spot on 6th Ave and Flatbush – both close enough to enjoy a meal yet far enough to not be overwhelmed with Barclays folks. And you can get out of there for 10-20 bucks a head.

  • Gerry

    When all had been said and done Montague Terrace is better than One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    After this storm the retail space which had been a challenge to rent it had remained empty month after month is now next to impossible to rent due to the flooding of the space. This emplty retail space generating NO rent will negatively impact the finances of One BBP.

    And I would not put my car in that garage lightning does strike twice in the same place.

    Things are NOT great at One BBP the Hurricane Sandy will make these condos even more diffcult to sell.

  • zburch

    I second Table 87. Really good crispy pie!
    Dr Last on Schermerhorn is a great Dentist.
    A great in-depth article regarding overdevelopment in flood zones, Bloomberg, and Sandy:

  • Marathoner

    Does anyone know the story with the red Volvo with CT plates? It is always parked in our neighborhood and is packed with junk.

    It sometimes has a small trailer, too.

    Seems odd that it has been here for years and has out of state plates.

    Does anyone know who it belongs to or why is it loaded with junk?

  • Gerry

    @ Alec – did you say try smoking a joint?


    Tell me?

    I thought I had to go to Colorado to smoke a joint?

    Democrats just legalized 420 in Colorado for recreational use which will be a part of President Obamas legacy the first state in our nation to legalize marajuania for recreational use.

  • Alec

    @Gerry its a bbq place with an eyebrow-raising name – now if you happen to be going to the Neil Young show at Barclays, that’s a different story.

  • Gerry

    @ Alec – LOL and I would love the Neil Young show but my professional certification and license include random drug testing so I will wait until I retire for Neil Young.

  • Gerry

    @ Marathoner – I think the red Volvo belongs to a mentally ill person who “hoards” junk I have seen this before years ago a woman had an old beat up car here filled with rocks wrapped in small brown paper bags eventually she packed up went back to New Paltz.

  • DrewB

    I agree about table 87. Delicious

    As for dentist. I’ve been going to Dr. Eric Last on schemerhorn for a decade. He’s handled everything from cleanings to oral surgery with care and professionalism. Highly recommended.

  • JoJo

    SPM: I Agree with you, have had some fantastic slices from Table 87. I haven’t tried Della Rocco’s yet, I’m closer to My Little Pizza so that’s my go-to slice. Only complaint on Table 87 is that I think it is $3.50 (maybe $3.75?) for a slice; I get that they use high quality ingredients, still expensive.

  • Scrambler

    I really need to try Table 87. I have tried Della Rocco’s twice now and have been disappointed twice.

    I see nothing wrong with legalizing weed for recreational use at all. I don’t even smoke weed but think it’s about time to make it legal.

  • Hickster

    For dentistry, I use Dr. Beeren Gajjar and I’ve been very happy. He’s young, careful, and very concerned with managing pain and discomfort. He’s on Montague and Clinton: (718) 783-0504

  • spm

    @ColumbiaHeightster – it’s not “bashing” to give an opinion – IMHO their pizza is mediocre, as is the opinion of several food critics. You may disagree, that is YOUR opinion and I am okay with that.

  • PBL

    SPM, totally agree (about Table 87, as I have yet to try Della Rocco’s) — my new favorite pizza in the hood (especially with that mouth-watering roasted garlic served tableside). Really nice owners too, definitely a win for our area.

  • Wiley E.

    Do any of these pizza places offer you a happy ending with a whole pie?

  • RemsenSt

    Agree on Table 87– had their burrata pizza tonight and it is outstanding.

    I really wanted to love dellaroccos as we are right around the corner. I didn’t. The pizza is okay but not great and the portions are small.

  • David on Middagh

    Wiley… yes, but you have to know which to order. (Hint: the medium is the massage.)

  • Wiley E.

    Okay, DoM. I get it now, the medium house special pie to go. Thanks for the tip.

  • Prom Gal

    The snarky comments about Dr Moshman are an unwarranted attack on an excellent dentist. He, as his father before him, have dedicated their lives to small family practice that does excellwnt work, and at very reasonable prices.
    I have had many interesting discussions with Dr M through the years.
    He doesn’t have a “partner” just an associate, who is very nice, but nowhere near experienced as Dr N. His wife Karen runs the office, and their family is an integral part if the community.
    Amusing, yet disturbing, how so many posters here boast of their love of traditional family owned small business, but go out if their way to trash the real deal: people like the Moshmans.
    Not cool or PC enough for Heightster Hipsters and wannabes?

  • JV

    It’s because everyone raves about Della Rocco’s, which isnt that good and its the newest pizza place in BH. That’s why and I hardly think u can call that bashing.

  • JV

    Prom gal, u seem to have a close relationship with the moshmans but u can’t possibly know if someone had bad work from him. That is their experience. Bad work is bad work. It doesn’t matter how nice they are or how active in the community they are.

  • Wrennie

    Heighster: who is your new dentist?

  • Knight

    Speaking of Pizza… what’s the deal with Fascati’s constantly running out of sicilian slices? Some days they run out at 4 in the afternoon and that’s it for the day … they won’t make any more. Last weekend they were out of veal on Saturday afternoon and when I called on Tuesday night they were still out. Can’t anyone open a decent pizzeria in the North Heights and cause these clowns to either step-up their game or go out of business?

  • AmyinBh

    “Heightster Hipsters” made me laugh.

  • Bornhere

    Prom Gal –
    Over the years, I too have had some interesting conversations with Stanley (and Karen), ranging from Walter Cronkite to the Internet to the changing neighborhood to their son and daughter; Karen is an “easy talker” and Stanley is not. Also, for everyone who has had only positive experiences with healthcare providers, you will find others who haven’t. Where is the problem? Where is the snark?
    And I was born here and have lived here for 63 years, so neither a hipster nor a wannabe (anything) am I.

  • MonroeOrange

    @knight…..Other pizza places have opened up and cant compete…remember Gourmet Pizza on Clark st? They tried and failed….

    Yes fascati’s runs out of scicilian slices, though if you are friendly with them which my family has been for decades, they will save you a couple of slices….though being that you called them clowns, i don’t think you deserve any…so order a pie when they run out and deal with it!

  • HenryLoL

    Dentist: My dentist just opened up his own place on Henry across from the gas station that is on Atlantic. Name is Dr. Gangi and I believe he also lives in CH or CG. Here is a blog post about it (not mine):

  • Andrew Porter

    Rats can swim, but they can’t do the backstroke.

    I go to Dr.s Stanley Moshman and Christopher Bowers, 89 Remsen Street, 1-718-855-7545. Excellent service, nice people, and I they do take some insurance. Not that I have any. Dr. Moshman is also at the LICH dental school on Wednesdays, instructing the next generation.