Subway Update: 2, 3, and F Manhattan Service Restored

Service to and from Manhattan, as well as into Brooklyn, has been restored on the 2 and 3 line at Clark Street and Borough Hall, and on the F line at Jay Street/Metro Tech and at York Street in DUMBO. So, counting the 4/5 line at Borough Hall, there are now three options for Manhattan service from local stations. There is still no Manhattan service on the A/C line at High Street or Jay Street, or on the R/N line at Court Street or Jay Street. Service on the G train remains suspended. Update: As of 5:00 this (Monday) morning, service to and from Manhattan on the A and C has been restored.

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  • lori

    The N line doesnt run thru Court Street regularly, only the R. Altho the R is running from 95th Bay Ridge to Jay Street only, the N line is running from 59th Street Bay Ridge thru Manhattan to Queens. Apparently, it can’t continue its run thru Brooklyn to the Coney Island area.

  • lori

    As of 5:00am, Nov 5, A train service has resumed between 168 Street Station and Lefferts Boulevard Station.

    C train service has resumed between 145 Street Station and Euclid Avenue Station.

    So, I guess the only tunnel not ready yet is the one for the R.

  • Claude Scales

    The N regularly runs through Court Street late at night when there’s no R service. Thanks for the tip about the A and C; I’ve now added that to the post.

  • Heightser

    My kid took the 2/3 at 7:00 this morning and said there was no one there.

  • DF

    Got on the A at 6:45 this morning. Only a handful of people on the platform. Train arrived within a few minutes, plenty of space to sit and got into Manhattan really quickly. I was bracing for the worst, and got the best. Kudos to the MTA for getting so much back online so soon.

  • JV

    Yes, took the c train into manhattan at 7:30. Train was as full as usual. Had to stand until Fulton and then got a seat. Train stopped at canal street for 10 minutes. Slow commute. Just give yourself plenty of time. Overall it was a pretty painless experience.

  • AEB

    Took the 3 to Manhat, transferring at 42nd to the 1. A near-empty platform at Clark and half-filled train. Service was better than usual. The 1 equally EZ.

    When I arrived at 59th, I saw many people waiting for the downtown A and C.

  • BruceFan

    Took the 2/3 into Penn/34th st. No problems

  • Wrennie

    I took the 4/5 to Grand Central last night…probably the fastest trip I’ve ever had, although the tracks feel like they’re covered in debris.

  • Ytsaeb

    The MTA has been amazing through this process. Who would have predicted that? Sure there are problems, but nothing compared to some of the other agencies. And god knows, the MTA faced its share of major obstacles.

    Joe Lhota (our Brooklyn Heights neighboor) should run for Mayor. Seriously. There are some ok candidates already announced, but I bet none of them display his sheer competence.

    And I am a left-leaning NYer, but would vote for him in a heartbeat.