Celebrate—Or Commiserate—On Election Night At Custom House

Looking for a joint in central Brooklyn Heights to raise a celebratory champagne toast—or to drown your sorrows—on Election Night this Tuesday, November 6? Nowhere in the neighborhood stays open as late as Custom House at 139 Montague Street, which confirms it will be airing election results all night long—literally. Last call is at 3:45 a.m. The 80-seat pub offers 16 tap beers with three flat screens TVs, while the kitchen offers such pub grub as (well-reviewed) burgers and wings, as well as Irish staples like Shepherd’s pie. (CT)

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  • Matthew Parker

    OBAMA!!! I’m already raising my glass in toast to Nate Silver–Brooklynite.

    The lying, cheating, voter intimidating obstructionists will be punished at the ballot box on Tuesday. Four more years cleaning up the previous administration’s stinky diaper and moving the country forward.

    BTW, I usually don’t post politically on BHB, but this topic seems to invite it.

  • Knight

    ROMNEY!!!! The fool who thought he could run a democracy with barely middle-management leadership skills has been exposed and will be punished at the ballot box on Tuesday after four years of waiting for “hope & change” didn’t happen.

    Obama’s economic plan: blame it on Bush for the next four years, too!

  • bagel boy

    I don’t like either. Obama is a smug, aloof, egomaniac. He is also not very smart albeit he is pretty slick. Romney is just Romney. I’m writing in to vote for George Pataki.

  • Jazz

    bb – when did you sustain your brain damage?

  • Moni

    Obama blame it on Bush for the the next 4 years? Why not? Wasn’t Iraq Bush’s war? Wasn’t it Bush who told us to go shopping rather than contribute something to the effort of not one but two wars? Wasn’t it Bush who deregulated everything and gave Wall Street it’s head? Imagine if we had “Hell-of-a-job” Brownie at the helm of FEMA right now. All the Bush/Cheny neo-cons are waiting in the wings at Romney’s invitation: Condoleeza, Tommy Thompson, John Bolton and others. God help us all if you get your wish, Knight.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Well, I’ll be there celebrating Obama’s victory. I challenge anyone to tell me what Romney stands for other than being “not Obama”. The guy has been on every side of every issue. He wants one thing – to be President, he seemingly has no core beliefs or values.

    You gotta love the ‘he is not very smart’ criticism of Obama. Disagree with his policies. Disagree with his priorities. Disagree with the direction he wants to take this country. But to suggest that Obama is not intelligent is just silly and instead reflects on the lack lf IQ points of the person making the attack.

  • PBL

    While I am hardly excited for either candidate, I told my wife (half jokingly) that I would vote for the candidate who runs a commercial with zero muck raking and belittling of the opponent … alas, that commercial never happened.

    I am voting for Obama, for two reasons: he is the lesser of two evils, and my father was very pro-Barack and would have voted for him if he didn’t pass away in September … so if I can’t be excited for a candidate, at least I can honor him with his “wish.”

  • Bob Sacamano

    In my opinion, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote against capitalism and some of the traditional values this country was built on. Obama is a pseudo socialist. He likes big government and entitlements. His big deficits and lack of economic growth have been a disaster. Furthermore, he created class warfare and likes to make those who have had financial success via hard work feel guilty. He criticizes wall street but then runs to them with his handout for donations. When the government has all the money, that means the people do not and that is what is starting to happen now. Not that I solely blame the economy on the president. Four more years of Obama and we will continue down the path that Greece is in right in right now.

    It just seems more and more people want gov’t handouts and believe they deserve entitlements from the gov’t. It seems that less and less people are less willing to pull themselves up by their boot straps and try to make a go at. Nobody wants to bite the bullet to do what it takes to get things better in this country and continue to kick the can down the road. Better to bite it now than later. Excessive gov’t spending has to stop.

    That being said, it does not mean that Romney is fantastic, just way better than the incumbent. Luckily for Obama supporters, my vote can’t make a difference here in brooklyn and turn the state from red to blue. Unfortunately, I think Obama is going to win given my believe there is a fundamental shift is this country away from self help and accountability and more gov’t support for the people.

    Just my two cents. I hope the beer is cold at the Custom House.

  • Livingston

    Can’t wait to vote for Romney and a return to American values and leadership! As I’ve written before, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse over the incumbent. Cannot take another 4 years of this incompetence;

    BTW, I think the President’s reaction to the recent Superstorm Sandy is a perfect example — fly in for a photo-op (in his flashy Air Force One jacket no less), utter some pablum for the masses, and then off to Vegas for fundraising. Meanwhile nothing gets done for those who truly need it. Perfect illustration of this soon-to-be short-lived presidency.

  • maestro


  • Bob Sacamano

    Maestro – Who is Alabama Crimson Tide playing today? Aren’t they number one in the country in the college football polls?

  • Jorale-man

    This past week has shown to me why we need the grown-ups to remain in the White House. So far, the administration appears to be providing the money the NY/NJ region so badly needs, in part because Obama restored funding to agencies that Bush and his cronies had starved.

    If Romney were in charge, you could forget FEMA assistance for the Jersey Shore, the Rockaways or Staten Island. It would be a case of “Romney to New York: Drop Dead.”

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Livingston you have to be kidding right? You want to compare this President’s response to a disastrous hurricane with that of the previous administration? Heck of a job Brownie ring a bell? Romney’s keynote speaker and Governor of the stat most effected by Sandy has been effusive is his praise for the President’s leadership. You know I’ll take Christie’s word on this over yours if You don’t mind.

    This is the problem with the Obama haters like Livingston. They hate him with such a passion they delude themselves into some alternate universe (the Fox Galaxy we’ll call it) and can’t even give Obama credit such as the federal government’s response to a hurricane.

    It is going to be such a disappointment to the Obama haters when our Kenyan, socialist, communist, fascist, Muslim President wins a second term handily. I will be quite delicious.

  • Livingston

    Sorry, Mr. Crusty, but I think you’re the delusional one. From what I’m seeing on NY1, CBS2, and NBC4 (and this blog), the tangible relief is coming from private efforts, not the government.

    As for Christie, what do you expect him to do? He’s a true statesman and his state is in dire need of aid from all sources. And the reality is the Prez still controls the federal purse strings. Playing nice is in NJ’s best interest. Christie understands that and will probably say/do whatever is required to lead his state out of this crisis. Although it doesn’t surprise me that someone of your political persuasion and small-mindedness would portray this as a “win” for Obama.

  • Jazz

    Liv, I am looking forward to your set on Amateur Night at the Apollo because you’re HILARIOUS.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Livingston. Here is a dose of reality from NJ.com. Facts are such annoying things aren’t they?

    “Still criticized as an office that can’t get the job done, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has taken on a high profile role in the response to Hurricane Sandy, providing food, shelter, and emergency financial assistance to millions while also helping to coordinate the efforts to restore power and end the regional gas shortage.

    In the four days since Sandy made landfall, some 2,300 FEMA agents have been involved in the response and recovery effort. The agency has released more than $18 million in rental and other forms of financial assistance, including more than $10.6 million to New Jersey residents, administrator Craig Fugate said.

    Friday, FEMA opened disaster recovery centers in Brick and Cape May Courthouse — the first of at least 10 offices to be set up — and the agency added Somerset and Bergen counties to the federally-designated disaster area, which already included Atlantic, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union counties.

    Gov. Chris Christie attended the opening of the Brick recovery center, located on the grounds of the Drum Point Road Elementary School. An office will open in Little Ferry today, and offices in Middlesex and Monmouth counties will be open by Monday, he said.

    “These centers are boots-on-the-ground assistance from the federal government to help answer questions, provide guidance and get you the kind of help you need,” Christie said.

    Rowan University Professor Robert Fleming, a national expert on emergency preparation and response, gave the agency high marks for its efforts. Weather-related disasters are especially hard to manage, he said.

    “If you look at the magnitude of the storm, and the challenges it presented, it was a really coordinated plan,” Fleming said. “Clearly they did things in the way of pre-positioning of assets, and even in advance of the storm hitting, getting the appropriate declarations. A whole lot was done to mobilize resources.”

    Fugate said the key difference between FEMA’s response to Sandy and to its handling of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast oil spill was advance preparation.

    “The lesson learned was … not to wait to see how bad it is before the president makes a declaration of disaster,” Fugate said. “When winds were still blowing in the area, assistance was made available.”

    The federal response continues on multiple fronts, Fugate said. Working with the American Red Cross, the agency has distributed millions of gallons of water and millions of meals. It has also provided generators and water pumps.

    To address the ongoing gas shortage, Fugate said the federal government has issued a temporary waiver of the Jones Act to allow oil tankers from the Gulf of Mexico to enter local ports. The agency is also trying to get power to gas stations to help improve distribution, he said.”


  • Mr. Crusty


    Check out what FEMA is doing for NJ. Great job Mr. President.


  • Mr. Crusty

    @Livingston said, “Although it doesn’t surprise me that someone of your political persuasion and small-mindedness would portray this as a “win” for Obama”

    Seems like most of America agrees with me based on the below polls. Keep living in that Obama Derangement Syndrome world of yours and let me buy you a drink Tuesday night when Romney concedes.

    “A number of new polls have shown that the American public has positive views of President Obama’s response to the damage along the eastern seaboard caused by Hurricane Sandy.

    A UPI poll released Saturday showed 77 percent of Americans had a positive take on Obama’s response to the storm and an additional 65 percent thought “the destructive storm and its aftermath gave the president a chance to connect better with voters,” the news service wrote. An ABC News/Washington Post national tracking poll released on Wednesday of last week also found 78 percent of likely voters had a positive view of the president’s efforts. A pair of swing state polls released Saturday from NBC/Marist showed the same thing — 70 percent of likely voters in Florida and 73 percent of likely voters in Ohio approved of the response.


  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, let’s wait until Sunday, when BH Jews and Christians can battle it out with broken bottles, table legs and guns. Less divisive all around than talking about the upcoming election.

    What’s most horrible is how the day after the election, C-Span will start covering “The Road to the White House, 2016.” Ack!!!

  • Knight

    @Jazz: with all due respect to the Apollo, remember that we have amateur comedy nights at our very own Brooklyn Heights Cinema on the third Wednesday evening of every month! The next one is set for November 21st.

  • MonroeOrange

    After reading these posts, you wont catch me anywhere near Custom House on Tuesday….Politics and religion, should never be discussed in a bar!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    Romney is 10 pounds of s**t in a 5 pound bag.

  • Bob Sacamano

    There is a lot of pressure on FEMA and the powers that be to make sure the recovery efforts of Hurricane Sandy go much better than Hurricane Katrina given how the poorly tat recovery effort was handled. Hopefully, everything does go better and people will get all the hep they need. Nonetheless, you are not going to please everyone. But if you can help most that is what matters.

    That being said, I have no problem if FEMA funds are cut by a potential Romney administration. The states need to take a greater responsibility and accountability for its recovery efforts and stop relying on the Federal Gov’t for everything. Certainly, the current circumstances are unique, but given the huge deficits this country is facing cuts need to come from somewhere and FEMA is a good a place as any to start.

    The reality is if you are a Romney supporter in Brooklyn or NYC you cannot get any traction and your vote really does not count because there are not enough Republicans in the area to turn from blue to red.

    I am sure most people think my posting here are a joke. I really only care about job creation and the economy/fiscal/monetary policy and increasing domestic energy production (i.e pro tracking/pipeline building) and could care less about the environmental issues or social concerns.

    I am not better off than I was 4 years ago. In fact I might be worse and I believe another four years of Obama will not help. I’m gonna take my chances with Romney. Let’s throw him out too in 2016 if I am in the same position in 2016.

    @PBL to give a vote for Obama just because your father liked him is a wasted vote. He’s passed on and I am sorry about that. But you should vote for the candidate that works best for your values and family and not just because someone close to you “liked” Obama. You are still alive and are the one who is going to be impacted by policy decisions. At the end of the day it’s your vote so do with it as you please.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Arch Stanton – You may be right. But Obama is 20 pounds of manure in the same 5 pound bag. Either way you don’t win.

    MonroeOrange – You are so right. Those two topics should never be discussed in a bar. Bars are for sports talk (at least the bars I like).

  • Livingston

    Thank you Bob Sacamano for a dose of well-thought commentary. In complete agreement.

    And regardless of where you stand, at least we can go into the voting booth and choose the candidate we most closely identify with. As much as I cannot understand the choices of some people here(nor they mine), I hope everybody exercises their right to vote on Tuesday.

  • http://none Janbird

    How can bb say Obama is not smart? He was a brilliant child and adult. I am guessing you know nothing about this man. You can disagree with his policies but to say he is not smart is just ignorant.

  • Mr. Crusty

    The thing that really makes me scratch my head is why some think Romney will be better for our economy. If anyone can demonstrate how Romney’s policies are any different than Bush’s I might see your point, but their not. Tax cuts for the wealthy, reduction of regulations and drill, baby drill. How’d that work out last time around?

    Those policies nearly took this country off the economic cliff. Does everyone forget the headlines in 2008? Well, I guess that is what makes the world go around but let me at least agree with Livingston on this point, everyone should get out and vote. Democracy demands nothing less from its citizenry.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Their=they’re. I hate when that happens.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Sorry crusty but regulation hinders economic growth. Furthermore, it’s not about tax cuts for the wealthy but the real need for tax reform. The wealthy create jobs and put capital at risk. Why is it wrong to be wealthy. If you were very wealthy you too would use tax advantages to protect your capital. You would be lying if you say otherwise. Please tell me the appeal of big bloated excessive spending government? Four more years of this excessive spending is going to get us a seat at the table next to Greece with complete austerity. Even Stevie Wonder can see that. Most importantly there nothing to show for all that spending. If you get excited about 1.5% GDP growth the next four years then good luck to ya.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m just stunned by the disconnect with the world economy. Sure our economy sucks, but the rest of the world sucks too. If the nations around the world are in such dire straits—never mind Greece, how about Spain, with 25% unemployment, and other nations are in equally dire conditions—how are we supposed to make stuff and export it to those countries? And how are they supposed to make and export stuff to us?

    We are amazingly interconnected now, more each year, thousands of times more dependent on the word economy to help fix ours than we’ve ever been before. Yet no one has brought up this interconnectivity in any of the debates, nor in few of the commentaries about how bad things are. No man—no nation—is an island in our modern world.

    And about all those references to Greece: that nation is part of the Euro zone, in which both strong and weak national economies share a common currency while they operate under different economic policies. Comparisons to Greece are irrelevant.