BBP Prez Marty Markowitz Weighs In On Nix Of NYC Marathon

Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz has issued a statement on the cancellation of Sunday’s NYC Marathon, which would have grazed Brooklyn Heights in Downtown Brooklyn…

I applaud Mayor Bloomberg and New York Road Runners for doing the right thing for New York City and the Marathon after considering everyone’s opinion as well as logistical information. I spoke with the Mayor’s Office and Road Runners President Mary Wittenberg—a woman for whom I have great respect—and shared my personal concerns, and those expressed by Brooklynites. Mayor Bloomberg and his staff have done an outstanding job of leading our city through these challenging times, and this decision had to be among the most difficult they’ve had to make over the last week. Let’s continue the recovery process and make every effort to return normalcy to our city.

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  • leonard Barton

    Common sense has prevailed!

  • Knight

    I agree with the Mayor and our BP. But now what do we do with all of the strong-legged Nigerians that are in NYC for the weekend?

  • Chisono Indovina

    An old friend of mine once said at a business meeting: “I’m trying to decide if you’re stupid or if you think we are.”

    How can Bloomberg ever think that there would be no diversion of resources to the marathon. I am not savvy in what it takes to run a marathon but, as a minimum, the following resources would be needed:

    Police: They would be diverted from where they are needed. As I watched television news coverage of the aftermath of the storm, people were looting – on camera. Police presence is still required in our most devastated areas.

    Transportation: How did the mayor propose to get tens of thousands of runners to Staten Island when we, the residents of this city, cannot get around.

    Water: Cases of water that could have been sent to Staten Island, Breezy Point, Coney Island and so many other areas were diverted to the marathon.

    Blankets: Those lovely ‘space blankets’ that greet the runners as the cross the finish line are so needed by those without electricity. It’s getting cold and they have no heat…and won’t for some time to come.

    Generators: The two generators that were set up in Central Park for the Marathon Tent could each power 40 houses.

    Food: The pre-Marathon dinner should be distributed to victims – not runners.

    Medical Attention: There must be many doctors and nurses available to attend to the runners. Let them tend to the victims.

    Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. It’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure it goes go on and on.

    So, Mr. Mayor, do you still think there would be no diversion of resources????

  • Wiley E.

    Regarding the Nigerians… they are out selling counterfeit Gucci bags on Canal Street.

  • Livingston

    I’m a fan of Bloomberg, but even I couldn’t believe how tone-deaf the original decision to hold the Marathon was. And to not make the decision until 5:00 pm on Friday just compounded the idiocy — people have already come in from around the country and the world for this event, and now they are stuck after shelling out significant funds to be here.

    Would have been more acceptable if they at least delayed it one week to Veteran’s Day weekend — city will be in better shape and we’ll all probably want something to cheer about.

  • brooklynite

    FYI Nigerians aren’t known for being distance runners. You probably meant Kenyans. And those aren’t Nigerians on canal st either. But since you are curious my Nigerian husband will be volunteering in Red Hook tomorrow :-) Where will you be?

  • Liberty Belle

    Mike Bloomerberg’s initial decision to have the marathon was senseless and in very poor judgement. An example of elitism at its finest. People are homeless, cold, hungry and scared. Yet he wanted to hold his marathon parade so he can take a photo at the finish line and pound his chest on what a wonderful job he did in getting New York back on track.

    Clearly Mary Wittenberg took this one on the chin, she proved she is a selfish individual, who only cares about her own career and publicity.

    Canceling the marathon was the correct decision. A no brainer which took much too long for our so called “leaders” to make.

  • Marathoner

    I am glad they got to the right decision and am appalled at (a) the path to make the right decision and the injustices that occurred along the way and (b) Mary Wittenberg’s comments in the press conference demonstrated her complete disinterest in the people of the City of New York in favor of the careers (and salaries) of her carefully recruited (and well paid) elite runners

    Never once did she even mention the plight of those hit by this

    @Chisono Indovina has an excellent list above – and I’ve heard nothing of where those resources actually went, i.e. did they bring the NYRR generators, water, etc. to those in need??

    AND, I will add the most important of all to that list: the selfless volunteerism displayed by thousands of would-be marathoners showing up in Staten Island on Nov 4th, anyway…. and volunteering all day to help other New Yorkers start to clean up and get back on their feet

    There were many friendly waves and thank you’s from Island residents, and many tears shed over the devastation and outpouring of support

    Won’t comment on those that ran in CP today, I’m sure they had their reasons…