Hero Cops Honored for Nabbing Heights Hood

department-patch-i.jpgTwo of New York's Finest were honored at the 84th Precinct's Community Council monthly meeting for their "extraordinary bravery" in the arrest of a suspect in an armed robbery on Middagh Street.  The hero cops, Police Officers Moises Colon and Michael Titterton were given "Cop of the Month" honors by the 84th's Deputy Inspector Phillip Sferazza. PO Titterton, 26, also shared "Cop of the Month" recognition with PO Christopher Edwards in April 2005 after nailing two skells suspected of armed robbery near Hicks and Pineapple.

The Brooklyn Eagle describes how the bust went down: The two officers had been working their 4 p.m.-to-midnight tour of duty, patrolling their Brooklyn Heights sector, when they received a “radio run,” announcing an armed robbery of a pedestrian on Middagh Street in progress. Both officers went to an area they said would be “a likely escape route” instead of the scene of the robbery and once there, arrested an armed suspect. The officers conducted a canvass of the area and observed a male who fit the description,” Sferazza said. Colon and Titterton brought the suspect back to the stationhouse on Gold Street, where the victim of the armed mugging made a positive identification. Sferazza said the two officers, “Not only recovered a handgun, but they acted with restraint, displaying excellent tactics.” Sferazza praised the two young officers for “not going right to the spot” of the robbery, but by “figuring out the escape route” to apprehend the suspect, the two showed extraordinary police street smarts. “Bottom line is we got him off the streets,” Sferazza said. “He had some arrest record, and what he was doing is he was grabbing people as they walked home from work.”

Leslie Lewis, Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz' criminal justice liason, also recognized the Dynamic Duo's heroism with a special commendation for keeping our streets safe.

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