Frankenstorm Sandy Open Thread

It’s coming! Frankenstorm Sandy is on its way to our area. Comment here about what’s happening in Brooklyn Heights – let us know how you’re preparing before the storm. During the storm check in here with any updates about storm damage or dangerous conditions in our area.

11 A.M. MONDAY: Holland and Battery Park Tunnels will close in both directions at 2 p.m. today.

SUNDAY NOON UPDATE: NY Gov. Cuomo announces MTA subway service, Metro-North trains and LIRR service will shut down as of 7 p.m. Sunday. Bus service ends at 9 p.m. Bloomberg mandates evacuation of Zone A by 7 p.m. Schools closed Monday…
5 P.M. UPDATE: PATH service suspended at midnight. Amtrak cancels Northeast corridor services for Monday. Water surges currently predicted 8-12 feet high in Battery City. East River Ferry service suspended and Staten Island Ferry will halt service at 8 p.m. Sunday.
11 P.M. UPDATE: Latest forecast calls for rain by morning, with intensity of heavy winds felt by noon.

Check here for the latest tracking on the storm and follow our NYC Emergency List in the right column of the site for the latest updates from government agencies and weather services.

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  • lori

    Edith, The last I heard, trash pickup tomorrow is on a normal schedule, but “weigh down your bags”. PS Should you have your whole name pop up? Most people prefer only their first or a pseudonym

  • lori

    At 8:07 BHA announced that “The word from our local NYC DSNY garage superintendent is that he does NOT expect to be picking up garbage tomorrow during the day shift.

    The garage which services Brooklyn Heights is located in the flood evacuation zone, making collection suspensions likely until the storm subsides.

  • NP

    Anyone knows what that intermittent and loud horn-like noise is? Noticed that thing this morning. Thought it was a ship but unlikely since it has been 12 hours or so now.
    Sometimes feels like it’s some kind of strong winds alarm (stronger the wind, stronger the noise) but often times when wind picks up that stupid thing is silent.

    It’s annoying. And I am curious.

  • jdf

    Bloomberg playing the martyr role again. MTA shut down. Most private businesses shut down. Stock exchange shut down. UN shut down. Bloomberg warning of the dangerous nature of the storm. Ordered the closing of schools himself. But, city offices open for business. Guess their safety not such a concern.

  • Still Here

    Those I know at 1BP are riding it out there.

    Rooftop weather: barometer 29.63 falling, average wind at 6 mph, no rain.

  • Heights Neighbor

    There is no recycling or garbage pick up tomorrow or Tuesday, possibly not for most of the week. Please take in your trash if it’s already on the curb. I just took a walk around the nabe, surprising without hitting any land mines, and there are plenty of bags out and they are sure to go airborne.

  • Scrambler

    I am curious where all you people are walking to keep stepping in dog poop. I walk my dogs three times a day in the neighborhood and maybe have stepped in poop one on over a year. Maybe you people should be more observant to your surroundings while walking. Hell I rarely see and poop on my several different routes I walk everyday. Maybe people have you complainers figured out and are dumping it there on purpose. I think it’s a bunch of Internet tough guys personally.

  • Rick

    regarding One Brooklyn Bridge Park, the NY Times says a lot of residents are staying put, and that the police are going to check in on them.

    I was just out for a stroll on Montague Street (11PM), the winds are pretty low and it is eerily deserted, hardly a car or person, except a few kids hanging out in front of the bagel store, the only place I saw still open…

  • stuart

    I predict windy rainy miserable weather for about twenty hours and that’s all. Parts of Piers 1 and 6 may get flooded for a brief period. A few more calgary pear trees will snap in two.
    I say much ado by the media to sell news.

  • stuart

    re dog poop. some people, especially old coots, like nothing more than to complain and grouse. The poop is mostly in the crevices of their brains rather than their shoes.

  • Andrew Porter

    Stuart, I’m going to put you in my time machine and send you to Biloxi, Miss., for the Hurricane Camille hurricane party. They didn’t evacuate, were sure the thing was a big hype, were really surprised when their building was carried away by the storm surge—or at least we can surmise that, because everyone died.

    Media hype? Sell news? Newspapers are dying left and right; what media is making a profit from this storm?

  • Wiley E.

    Can only pray that stuart goes surfing at Rockaway Beach with the Ramones today.

  • Gerry

    We have never lost power here on Montague Terrace.

    @ Heights Neighbor – If a person is watching where they are going they would not step in dog poop and to have 4 paris of shoes with dog poop on your door-step is rude we have a display of pumpkins and fall mums on our stoop not doog poop.

    With most of the city shut down this will be a time for at home family activity but I hope that it does not last too long that by Tuesday afternoon the storm is over and all is near normal.

  • GHB

    Still on Montague Terrace, huh Gerry?

  • Henry&Hicks

    Based on the garbage trucks I’ve seen on Joralemon St. and Garden Place today, I’d say there is garbage pickup.

  • She’s Crafty

    I was in CVS and was told they would be open today, FYI.

  • Andrew Porter

    I bought batteries in Radio Shack Friday, and a woman there said the batteries on sale at CVS were expired. Anyone find that to be true?

  • Brixtony

    Re the remark from Radio Crap – I’m no fan of CVS, but the batteries I bought on Saturday expire in 2018.
    Radio Shack on Montague is a huge waste of time – FYI, the on Court Street is much better.

  • Wiley E.

    I checked Duracell AA batteries that I bought at Eckerts just now. The back of the package reads “Produced: 8/22/12″. The batteries themselves are dated: Expires 8/22.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Vicki

    I’m new to the neighborhood and am wondering about the possibility of power outages. Have people had issues during regular storms or last year with Irene?

  • David on Middagh

    A wet titmouse has been standing hopefully on my windowsill.

  • AmyinBH

    Vicki, I have only lived in BH for about 12 years. The only power outage I have experienced was the blackout in 2003. The underground powerlines are a huge help in storms, but nothing is 100%. Keep the flashlights at the ready.

    CVS is constantly putting the batteries on sale. The stock sells out when the weather is fine. There would be no possible way they would have outdated batteries in stock. They were cleared out last year with Irene just like everyone else.

    Anyone have a view of Brooklyn Bridge Park? I would be curious to see how high the water is down there right now.

  • Cassie VonMontague

    I just want everyone to know the caretaker of the Breukelen (57 Montague) has been dutifully cleaning the leaves off the sidewalk with a leaf blower for the past four hours.

  • Andrew Porter

    AmyinBH: Went out before the sun set. Lots of big branches and portions of trees down on Pineapple, Columbia Heights, and Orange Street — but no entire trees. Thousands of twigs and millions of leaves everywhere, in some places obscuring the sidewalks entirely.

    Water is about a foot from overtopping piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Pilings near Pier One totally under water, as is salt marsh planting area.

    Winds around the Towers and St. George Tower are variable, coming from several directions.

    Lots of people out, some with kids, some walking dogs.

  • youralemon

    large tree branch down on hicks between cranberry and middagh – the street is obstructed

  • Jorale-man

    People have a screw loose if they were taking their kids outside in this weather with winds whipping and tree branches coming down. Oy vey…

  • Mr. Crusty

    Anybody see the flashes of what I believe was lightning? Or was it transformers blowing?

  • Alanna

    DUMBO con Ed is flooded…will this affect us in the Heights?

  • Bloomy

    Not going to say I told you so, but perhaps the park in Dumbo was not the best place to put Jane’s carousel. (hint hint its flooded