Frankenstorm Sandy Open Thread

It’s coming! Frankenstorm Sandy is on its way to our area. Comment here about what’s happening in Brooklyn Heights – let us know how you’re preparing before the storm. During the storm check in here with any updates about storm damage or dangerous conditions in our area.

11 A.M. MONDAY: Holland and Battery Park Tunnels will close in both directions at 2 p.m. today.

SUNDAY NOON UPDATE: NY Gov. Cuomo announces MTA subway service, Metro-North trains and LIRR service will shut down as of 7 p.m. Sunday. Bus service ends at 9 p.m. Bloomberg mandates evacuation of Zone A by 7 p.m. Schools closed Monday…
5 P.M. UPDATE: PATH service suspended at midnight. Amtrak cancels Northeast corridor services for Monday. Water surges currently predicted 8-12 feet high in Battery City. East River Ferry service suspended and Staten Island Ferry will halt service at 8 p.m. Sunday.
11 P.M. UPDATE: Latest forecast calls for rain by morning, with intensity of heavy winds felt by noon.

Check here for the latest tracking on the storm and follow our NYC Emergency List in the right column of the site for the latest updates from government agencies and weather services.

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  • Heights Neighbor

    Hope it will give our walkways a good scrub. The reality is we live in Dog Sh*t Heights. I now have 4 pairs of shoes outside my apartment. Do you know how difficult it is to clean that crap out of the crevices in the soles? Some dog owners are just low class, ignorant and disrespectful citizens.

  • Knight

    For the kids’ sake, I hope this doesn’t interfere with traditional Hallowe’en celebrations, including trick-or-treating … especially after the damper put on them from last year’s early snowstorm.

  • Matthew Parker

    For those who appreciate the neighborhood dogs and their owners, a reminder that the 10th annual Howl-o-Ween doggie costume charity parade will be held, rain or no rain, on the Promenade this afternoon (Sunday, Oct. 28th) starting at 1pm. After party continues at 3pm at Vinegar Hill Vet.

  • Knight

    @Heights Neighbor: sorry, but if you’re stepping in it that often, you’re seemingly one of those self-absorbed people who doesn’t pay attention to his/her surroundings.

  • north heights res

    Beyond thinking about dirty shoes and sweet holiday indulgences, perhaps a word–or a thought–could be spared for those truly at risk from this storm, particularly those without the means or ability to protect themselves?

  • jv

    shelters are open as of 8am this morning

  • Teresa Genaro

    Likely already widely known, but Governor Cuomo just announced that subways, Metro-North, LIRR all shutting down at 7 pm.

  • Wiley E.

    I wonder if the new astro-turf on Pier 5 will get washed out to sea during the storm. How special.

  • Heightsman

    Dog Sh*t Heights….classic. Nailed it.

  • Mlo

    He also is saying stay home and at the same time saying most people will go to work and can go to work. Really mixed messages. Evacuating zone A and shutting down elevators in housing. I would welcome a consistant message. Are folks expected to go to work with city transportation not running.

  • Rick

    Not a big thing in the context of the potential for larger problems, but I was just on the Promenade and was looking at those big piles of dirt and small gravel that workers have been so carefully amassing that will probably either be washed away or blown away.

    And surprised at how few people are taking in light chairs, umbrellas, plants, etc. from balconies and roof gardens…

  • maestro

    People will start to pay attention now that the subways are closing. If anyone has neighbors who have not taken in their plants chairs, etc., you may have to contact your super and get it done! Those items have the potential of going through your and other windows in the neighborhood and beyond. I have seen it happen!

  • lori

    We have had plenty of warning. We took our garden furniture and hanging plants in yesterday. No excuse, but there will probably be examples of people who did not do this.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ll be live blogging with periodic scenes from my window overlooking Pierrepont Place here.

  • hicks st guy

    @Heights Neighbor, don’t you know dogs are people too? at least to numerous nitwits in our nabe.

  • Brixtony

    I suspect that the increasingly offensive ant-dog creeps in this blog have various irrational and judgemental things to say about many of their human neighbors too. I have a dog and walk her through the Heights at least twice a day (my wife does the others). Neither of us have stepped in dog crap for years and that includes the Hillside Park dog run. If you wander along texting or gabbing or jogging without regard for those that share the street with you – that and irresponsible bike riders are much bigger problems in the nabe in my experience – you’ll likely mess up one way or the other (I’m both a bike-rider and smart phone user BTW). If you’re merely a stay at home misanthrope, you have my sympathy. Either way -give it a rest or move to the Upper East Side where they have none of these problems. {8-]

  • Heights Neighbor

    I’m certainly not self absorbed. Yes, I like to jog. No, I don’t text & talk on the phone while walking. I don’t even use head phones when I’m out because I like to be aware of my surroundings. I simply look ahead at where I am going. The dog crap is now often hidden by leaves, maybe that’s it. Perhaps I’m just covering a lot more ground on a daily basis than some of you and it’s a numbers game?
    If dogs in this nabe are people too then their owners should be potty training them. I’ve heard it’s possible and maybe a more hygenic solution to this problem.
    I have nothing against dogs, it’s certainly not their fault. I solely wish to target neglectful owners.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to educate the offenders?

  • travy

    seriously guys, enough about the f’king dogs. ok?

  • Heights Neighbor

    Listen, it’s fairly simple. If you take your dog for a walk assume he’s going to take a dump. If you get home didn’t bag any crap go back out and retrace your steps until you find it. I shouldn’t have to stare at the ground when I walk around to avoid it. It shouldn’t be there in the first place.
    When people take responsibility for their dogs I’ll let it rest.

  • David on Middagh

    All part of the Frankensturmunddrang, travy!

  • Wiley E.

    Wonder how the River Cafe barge will do. Might be relocating to the Bronx soon.

  • debfrombrooklyn

    I have to keep medicine refrigerated. If we were to lose power, I could only keep it in an iced traveling medicine bag safely for 10 hours. Does anyone know what I could do with the medicine if we were to sustain a long power failure?

  • Ballerina

    I will be working at one of the Shelters at NYC Tech tomorrow as part of NYC Emer Med Team. How about some of you helping out your neighbors or those who will be relocated?

  • Andrew Porter

    Wind tunnel effect. The corner of Montague and Hicks is always windy, even on fairly calm days. The Bossert taking their awning down was a wise move. I queried the co-op board where I live about doing the same.

    Much more worrisome are the corner of Montague and Court, and near the other tall buildings, including the Towers Hotel, the St. George Tower, and 55 Pierrepont.

    Debfrom Bklyn: I do not think we will lose power here, because after the Blizzard of 1888, power and phone lines were buried in much of NYC, including this area. While we will certainly lose trees (and, I fear, some older houses), I don’t think the power will go out.

    The storm surge is likely to be up to 11 feet here, and Pier One and other parts of BBG are no more than 9 feet above mean high tide. The northern parts of BBG are not as high as the parts built on Piers 1 – 6.

    Mandatory evacuations for Area A, including parts of DUMBO. Will the Jane Walentas Carousel still be there come Wednesday morning?

    Lastly, to have a bit of dog poop in this post: yesterday I was on the lawn at Pier One, and someone had their dog with them. I pointed out the “No Dog sign,” and they left—but their dog had taken a big dump in the middle of the lawn, and of course no one cleaned it up.

  • Andrew Porter

    BBP, of course, not BBG, which is Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where I hope they don’t lose too many trees.

  • Edith Bartley

    Will the regular Monday garbage pickup, be cancelled?

  • Jorale-man

    I wonder how One Brooklyn Bridge Park will fair. They’re in the evacuation zone if I’m not mistaken.

    I haven’t seen any stores boarding up their windows yet. I suppose we’re not at that level of wind strength.

    I suspect this has been a boon to the Heights’s liquor stores. I’ve seen a number of people buying bottles of wine today!

  • 5thfloorwalkuper

    I was glad to see that Brooklyn Heights residents, probably along with all other New Yorkers, have made their normal emergency preparations – no bread or milk left on store shelves!

  • Cassie VonMontague

    Anyone follow NYScanner on twitter? Check out this tweet:

    Brooklyn: Atlantic Ave & Henry St Crime scene being established in regards to an escaped prisoner, Black 17 year old male wearing handcuffs.
    10:21 PM – 28 Oct 12 ·

  • Teddy

    I hope we don’t experience too much damage and tree loss. While I don’t expect the power to go out, I think there’s a good chance some of us will lose Time-Warner internet & cable TV service. I also wonder what will happen if the subway tunnels & stations in Lower Manhattan get flooded, will service be out for the week or longer? Let’s hope for the best.