Stumped for a Halloween Costume? Try These Brooklyn Heights Infused Ideas!

Tired of dressing up as “Sexy Cat in the Hat” or “Sexy Vampire” for Halloween? While “Sexy Ghost” may still be an option for you, why not try these Brooklyn Heights inspired costumes (feel free to add the words “Zombie”, “Sexy”, “Spooky” or “Bleh” to spice it up):

Bjork – As far as we know she’s still a Henry Street resident (when not touring the world) so dressing up like Iceland’s greatest export is a totally HYPERLOCAL idea! Don’t think you could pull it off? We think it’s a safe bet you can do better than this gal:

Any role Paul Giamatti has ever played – Whether it’s John Adams, Harvey Pekar, Miles from Sideways (photo), Paul Giamatti (as portrayed in Cold Souls) the greatest character actor of his generation is sure to inspire. For us, The Miles consisting of a pair of khakis, a blue shirt with giant wine stain is hard to beat for a last minute/brilliant costume. Throw in a large ceramic spitoon full of vino and you’re set for a great Halloween.

Lena Dunham – while her personal choice of Halloween costume may have set the interwebs on fire earlier this month, Dunham herself might be an inspiration for some. As a matter of fact you might not even need to buy pants. And if that still breaks the budget, try Lena’s Emmy look:

Truman Capote – Naturally. If there ever was a Brooklyn Heights related person who loved dress-up it was Capote. We’re fond of his look as Lionel Twain in the 1976 tour de farce Murder by Death pictured here.

Norman Mailer – The late author, raconteur and Brooklyn Heights resident is a golden opportunity for those in search of an intellectual and controversial choice. There are many ways to go with your Mailer – the NYC mayoral candidate (our choice), Gore Vidal’s nemesis, the worst husband in the world or walking around the nabe Norm.

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe – While Marilyn and Arthur never, ever lived in Brooklyn Heights together, we’re pretty sure there may have been some checkamaumau going down here between them.

Brooklyn Heights related movies and TV shows for your consideration:

What are your suggestions?

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  • lori

    How about Henry Ward Beecher? There used to be a homeless man around the neighborhood who looked a lot like him.

  • AmyinBH

    Vanessa and Stephen. I just need a fine ages cognac.

  • Sarina

    These film shorts were fabulous!! Thank you!

  • dcortex

    Girls should go as Patty and Cathy Lane from “PATTY DUKE SHOW”

  • Gerry

    @ dcortex- LOL I remember Patty Duke – who saw the sights a girl could see from Brooklyn Heights……