Bobby Comes to BHC


Bobby (trailer), rated R,  a "retelling" of the story of Robert F. Kennedy's assasination is now playing at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema I & II.  Directed by Emilio Estevez, the film stars Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan and Elijah Wood as guests at the Ambassador Hotel on the day Kennedy was killed. The LA Times writes today about the real "characters" this movie is "reimagining". 

bobby_bigfinalposter.jpgClaudia Puig writes in USA Today: Sometimes it all works beautifully. Other times the stories feel forced or uninteresting. (Do we really need another acid trip sequence?) Estevez's film is well-intentioned, poignant and ambitious. It is so sprawling — 22 key roles amid the interwoven stories — that it's not a surprise that it occasionally feels fragmented and clunkily executed.

That said, a few noteworthy performances emerge. Stone is superb as a good-hearted hairdresser who learns her husband (Macy) is having an affair. Rodriguez (pictured above) is excellent as the busboy who holds the mortally wounded Kennedy.


Brooklyn Heights Cinemas I & II
70 Henry Street

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