Watchtower Sells 67 Remsen Street For $3.25 Million

BHB reported in late July that another property in the Jehovah’s Witnesses real estate portfolio had hit the marketplace: the beautiful five-story, 5,088sf residential brownstone at 67 Remsen Street—which ironically backs up to the organization’s recently sold Bossert Hotel. Brownstoner shares that the Brooklyn Heights building has sold for $3.25M, just a shaving from its asking price of $3.4M.

It features 10 units, a private garden and will be delivered vacant, according to David Schechtman of marketing firm Eastern Consolidated. The Real Deal reported in July that the building housed students and volunteers associated with the Watchtower Society. As the Witnesses move forward with a planned relocation upstate, the residences were no longer necessary, he said.

In all, Johovah’s Witnesses’ portfolio included 25 properties in Brooklyn, which they began selling off two years ago. Other recent sales include 183 Columbia Heights, 161 Columbia Heights and 50 Orange Street. (Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Alex

    Big problem Margaret that you may not be aware of.
    607 was not the year of the fall of Jerusalem.
    Also you need to expand your knowledge of Watchtower history.
    When you are inside the picture frame you can not see the picture.

  • Hole Truth

    all religion is made up fairy tales – get over yourselves . this is a story about a building. no one cares at all about you sad witnesses on either side . you are all suckers for someone else’s crap dogma.

  • Alex

    I care about people including Watchtower followers.
    I don’t care for questionable leaders who break up families and lie.

  • Confused

    Alex, if not Jehovah’s Witnesses, which religion do you recommend?

  • Alex

    Follow the instructions in an accurate translation of the scriptures Confused.

  • Beau

    Alex you do have a lot to say about witnesses, have a grudge? you all put them/us down but lets look at Mormons or Catholics. they have issues just like everyone else.

  • Alex

    I have a lot to say about the Watchtower Organization (not the people). Be more careful when you read.
    The Watchtower has a lot to say about every other religion. As you would say…[does the Watchtower] have a grudge?

  • Beau

    Alex your so negative towards it, do you think fighting with everyone on here does anything? you cant argue beliefs, politics and abortions. people believe what they want. im not sure why you are so negative.

  • Alex

    Beau and your religious sect the Watchtower are not the yardsticks for measuring truth. Your light will never be bright enough because it is based on the teachings of pyramid measurements by your founder Charles Taze Russell in the year 1872.

  • Alex

    All JW recruits and their families beware. The Watchtower introduces this scripture almost immediately in their ‘study books’ that replace scripture study:

    “Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law” Matthew 10:34-35

    Of course any caring friend or relative is going to show concern with loved ones being recruited into a high control sect. When that concern is shown the Watchtower manipulates this verse to justify itself to the unknowing person. In their ‘You can live forever on paradise earth’ book it is in the third chapter around 25 pages in. This is pure manipulation of the new person and their family/loved ones. This is cult like behavior.

  • Alex

    The Watchtower & Pyramidology

  • Michelle

    Jesus didn’t always help, cure, or feed those who came to him, read Luke 4:42-44, which says, “However, when it became day, he went out and proceeded to a lonely place. But the crowds began hunting about for him and came out as far as he was, and they tried to detain him from going away from them. 43 But he said to them: “Also to other cities I must declare the good news of the kingdom of God, because for this I was sent forth.” 44 Accordingly he went on preaching in the synagogues of Ju·de′a.”
    He taught us the three most important things to pray for in what is called the “Lord’s prayer” at Matt 6:9, 10, “Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth”. Jesus told us to pray for the sanctification of God’s name which is Jehovah and for his Kingdom. Jesus told the crowds that he left, sick and hungry people at that that he MUST declare the good news to others, he didn’t come to earth to cure and feed people that was to prove to them he was Jehovah’s son, he came to preach about th kingdom of God and to lay down his life as a sacrifice to all those that exercise faith in him. Everyone has the free will to chose to live by bible standards or not, just like Adam and Eve did. You can liken it to a club, if you don’t pay your dues or you break the rules you can be expelled from it. Everyone who dedicates his life to Jehovah and symbolizes that by water baptism fully knows the consequences of UNrepentent sin. They will be scripturally removed from the congregation per 1 Cor 5:13 which says, “Remove the wicked [man] from among yourselves.” Once again anyone can chose to adhere to bible standards and remain part of the congregation of Jehovah or they are free to leave it. Why would we WANT to associate with someone he left the God we love because of immorality?

  • Michelle

    I meand to type, “with someone WHO left the God we love because of immorality?”

  • Poor Poor Alex

    Poor Poor Alex – you truely need to take your pills today. Perhaps there is a crack in your windshield, a lost / dented card in your deck. Your anger and frustration are so apparent. You sit behind your locked door, dimly lite room, with no sunlight and windows tinfoiled – I’m sure. Get over your incredible “knowledge” and live your life. Attack my grammer, spelling, even the words I put down. It will not make you better than me or any one on this post. They sold property – really – it’s a bigger issue than that. Will the next post be about how Mr. Jones sold his 1932 Ford? Oh brother. Why don’t you help a neighbor or those in NJ clean up their property and resume their life.

  • Tim Quinn

    wow I can feel the hate from that Alex guy coming through my comp. Why is it that freedom of speech is only valid if YOU believe it ? and you condem any who don’t share your point of view ? Please take off your jackboots take a deep breath and agree to disagree and tone down the hate , thats the only real problem here

  • Alex

    Notice all the folks who can not defend the Watchtower now go to personal attacks.
    The Jehovah’s Witness lay members are for the most part good people. However the leadership control them and the other 7.5 million from their new headquarters. The are filled with non violent hate.

  • Alex

    “Everyone has the free will to chose to live by bible standards or not, just like Adam and Eve did”~Michelle

    Are you via your free will Michelle living and meeting bible standards?
    Are those standards to record a minimum of 10 hours door knocking and filling in a ‘field service report’ which gets tabulated in The United States? Just like Jesus did??? What version of the bible….or the Watchtower do you believe?

  • Psaleo

    If anyone has been abused in anyway by any other religious leader, or any other person sue them, they will be exposed and go to jail this is America, last I heard the justice system has its flaws but basically works, thats all, dont talk the talk walk the walk, I personally never heard of a JW being relocated to another church because of abuse, I dont think it works that way, but what do I know

  • Gabriela Vaca

    Some of you don’t know a thing about JW or our believes. Been out there like some of you, without hope, only anger against the one some call “god”. Now I’m here and not leaving for nothing. I know where I’m standing. The question is, do you?