Watchtower Sells 67 Remsen Street For $3.25 Million

BHB reported in late July that another property in the Jehovah’s Witnesses real estate portfolio had hit the marketplace: the beautiful five-story, 5,088sf residential brownstone at 67 Remsen Street—which ironically backs up to the organization’s recently sold Bossert Hotel. Brownstoner shares that the Brooklyn Heights building has sold for $3.25M, just a shaving from its asking price of $3.4M.

It features 10 units, a private garden and will be delivered vacant, according to David Schechtman of marketing firm Eastern Consolidated. The Real Deal reported in July that the building housed students and volunteers associated with the Watchtower Society. As the Witnesses move forward with a planned relocation upstate, the residences were no longer necessary, he said.

In all, Johovah’s Witnesses’ portfolio included 25 properties in Brooklyn, which they began selling off two years ago. Other recent sales include 183 Columbia Heights, 161 Columbia Heights and 50 Orange Street. (Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • ptt7000

    Well now at least they willl have more money to settle the many pedophile lawsuits that are still pending and coming their way.
    This selling is a blessing for the victims.
    Let’s see if they have enough left to amass more wealth, buildings and hide more pedophiles in their ranks.
    Thanks whomever bought the property may God bless you.

  • Alex

    The Watchtower Organization by way of their actions are suggesting that they do not believe their own urgent message, that is the end (of this system ot things) is at hand. More and more we see long term planning.
    Of course anyone who researches this religion (which the Watchtower forbids members to do outside their own publications), will discover how truely weak this organizations doctrines are.

  • Guy

    Alex we have free will and can do anything we choose. And just because they’re moving upstate doesn’t mean we don’t think the end is imminent. It is. If it comes as the move goes on, GREAT! We’ll move on.

  • Kenny T.

    The Watchtower corporation of New York the ‘Vatican’ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses being a religion has properties that pay no taxes.They have trained ‘volunteer’ constructions crews that build their real estate empire.They flip sell as many properties as they build for immense profit.
    That’s religion…

    ( All kingdom Halls are owned by the various Watchtower corporations as they appoint the church elders,it’s like a franchise.)

  • David Deacon

    There is the idea that the Watchtower religion is having a difficult time. The religion’s membership numbers are not growing, and maybe falling. So perhaps the religion is retreating into a new bunker.

  • HenryLoL

    Have said before as others have… Will miss them as neighbors. Buildings were very well taken care of, never issues with police, quiet…

  • dog lover

    Wasn’t there some kind of deal that as the Watchtower properties were sold to tax paying individuals/companies, those taxes would support Brooklyn Bridge Park? True, the people of the Watchtower kept everything neat and clean including themselves, BUT THEY WON’T SOLUTE THE FLAG.

  • dog lover


  • Brooklyn guy

    At least they can spell…

  • Alex

    “….[it] doesn’t mean we don’t think the end is imminent. It is”~Guy

    Here is the free dictionary definition of eminent: “About to occur; impending: in imminent danger.”

    The problem with the Watchtower via its very powerful low profile leaders (the few men in the governing body that control over 6 million people), is they perpetuate this lie by using terms such as ‘the end is at hand’ , ‘around to corner’ or as above ‘imminent’. Then this high control religious sect claims they don’t know when the end is. It is called ‘double speak’.

    The rank and file are nice people but the leadership of this group is evil. Jehovah’s Witness want you to hate them and often twist things that are directed at the organization as if they are directed at them. This is twisted thinking that 5 meetings a week, association with only other sect members and constant requirements of reading Watchtower litterature (more emphasis on that than scriptures), is the outcome.

  • Steve

    Alex, I concur. Additionally it serves as a marketing techinique similar to “while quantities last” or “sale ends tommorrow”. This tactic also helps keep the sheep in line through fear since if the end is imminent there is no incentive to get an education (which tends to decrease religious belief) or to risk not listening to uh the governing body’s dictates. It is also just plain silly based on this apocalyptical outlook through its entire history. Judge Rutherford “millions now living will never die” in 1920 being a case in point (never mind the “generation that saw 1914….). It amazes me how powerful cognitive dissonance really is.

  • Alex

    “Alex we have free will and can do anything we choose”~Guy

    So you can speak to any other Jehovah’s Witness or elder with your belief that you may not agree 100% with this or that detail of what the Watchtower organization teaches without fear?

  • Alex

    Hi Steve
    The truth is the Watchtower has claimed that the end is just around the corner for over 130 years. In 1985 a Witness told me that the end would probably be within 5 years and definitely within 10.
    This group is like a kitten chasing in circles after its tail.
    New members are lied to from the beginning when they are being offered a ‘free home bible’ study that turns out to be the beginning of a lifetime of Watchtower publications studies.
    The Watchtower and its belief system would not survive with only the scriptures being studied. The Watchtower needs the Watchtower magazine (Awake, their books etc.) to replace the bible. Even their denominational bible had to be compromised and made different. Former leaders who left identified the Watchtower society translators and none are qualified.

  • Amber

    Guy as someone who left the organization, you ate correct you do have, free will. But if you choose to exercise it the Society will kick you out over it.

  • Alex

    It is almost insulting when the organization and its member tell the public that one can ‘leave [the religion] any time’.
    What the Watchtower doesn’t tell the general public is that the person who leaves will be labeled ‘apostate’. This means that any member must shun the person who left, including family members and former friends. There are plenty of parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, who will never see their loved ones again. There are grandparents who will never hold their grandchildren. And why? Because a small group of EVIL Watchtower leaders (calling themselves the governing body which does not exist in the scriptures) have elected to break up families rather than accept that they are not infalable. They are not Gods direct communication to the billions of people on this earth.

  • lori

    About the building. Not a bad price for a building that size, in good condition, DELIVERED VACANT.

  • stuart

    delivered vacant is the magic phrase.
    I assume someone will convert it to a single family home.
    the income from ten ratty apartments is probably substantial but not enough to justify the sale price.

  • Willowtowncop

    Who cares what other people believe? Plenty of my non-religious family members haven’t spoken to each other in years, by choice. Sounds like these people are making the same choice. As long as they aren’t blowing people up who don’t agree with them, I don’t see what the harm is.

    I do think its BS that religious groups are tax exempt, though.

  • Alex

    “Who cares?…Plenty of my non-religious family members haven’t spoken to each other in years, by choice. Sounds like these people are making the same choice”~Willowtowncop

    The big problem is that it is not the individuals choice but the demands of this religious sect.

  • Gerry

    @ Willowtowncop – not only are religious intitutions tax-exempt they get discounted utility rates and a myriad of other financial incentives.

    Too bad about your family we have found that fhese relationships must be worked on each day to keep family harmony everyone needs to bend.

  • Apache

    LOL….they ‘flip’ property? That term in investments means purchase, fix-up and sell for a profit ASAP. These building has been in their hands for decades!

    And who get’s ‘rich’ of the back of ‘volunteers”? Is there a POPE or a JIMMY BAKER or someone else in their religion that lives in mansions, rides in limos, fliers around in private jets? NO!

    You want to talk about religions that owns a lot of ‘non-taxed’ property go to any main stream religion ( Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Non-denominational, Jewish and so on) and ask them for a list of what they own. they will never show it to you. At least the JWs don’t hide what they own!

  • Alex

    There is one big difference between the Watchtower Organization and its religion the Jehovah’s Witness and other religions worldwide.
    The Jehovah’s do not help others outside of their religion (though they would dispute that by their door to door preaching).
    Other religions help the poor, educate, help build schools, provide medicine, build hospitals, provide clothing etc.

  • David on Middagh

    Alex, I’m pretty sure it was a couple of JW’s who helped me carry a scavenged bookshelf down the street one day.

  • ab

    Alex, whomever joins this religion is their choice. I’m not catholic so I don’t care how they raise money or what they spend it on. As far as their beliefs to each their own. It seems as you were once a jw. Get over it and get on with the life you choose to lead.

  • Alex

    “…As far as their beliefs to each their own. It seems as you were once a jw.”~ab

    It would seem by the way you express yourself and the words you use, you are a Jehovah’s Witness.
    Yet you don’t mirror your own words to your own religion.
    Also you know nothing about me yet you talk with arrogant speach.

    David on Middagh
    You can’t support the organization helping the general public. Try not to confuse the two in the future.

  • David on Middagh

    I’m sorry I said anything!

  • David on Middagh

    –and you make no sense.

  • ab

    Arrogance?? Listen to yourself. No, I’m not one but I do have family who are. Everyone has a choice to make. I’ve made mine. And I alone live by my choice. Regardless if its right or wrong its my choice. If anyone else makes a choice, its that…their choice. I let them be. It’s sad to see someone’s anger and bitterness towards others who make their own choices. Isn’t what this country is built on, freedom? This is why I concentrate on myself and not on what others believe or worship.

  • Margaret

    1914 was a megahit. The bible students hit the YEAR, the SEASON, (Autumn, due to calculating from the autumn of 607 BCE) … and the EVENT. (the first horseman, Jesus invisible global arrival, marked by the second horseman,global War)

    Armageddon will commence before earth succumbs to man.

    Judge the past and present integrity of a tree by examining it’s leaves. Examine the pages of our publications.

    The road to truth is paved with honest mistakes. If you must make an examination of our history, you’ll find a blessed quest for truth. Regards.

  • Margaret

    Perverse forgiveness council is the reason for pedophiles. I hate both of these things and I take a dim view of anybody who spews perverse forgiveness. There are times the subject of forgiveness shouldn’t even be broached. I am a victims first person.

    Please don’t blame the water for the bad soil. Regards.