Sunday Night’s Explosions Courtesy Of…

The annual Deepavali celebration at the South Street Seaport was the source of tonights spectacular(ly loud) fireworks display. This is an annual event and we’ve mentioned it before. Our pals at DUMBONYC point out that you can always find out what’s going on with such things at Instagram photo via Jen Carlson

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  • Alec

    that scared the be-jeesus out of me – it sounded like war. Fireworks on July 4 only please.

  • She’s Crafty

    My cat really freaked out (she’s usually ok with fireworks) and hid under the couch for hours. When we finally got her out it took her until about noon today to stop being freaked out. I agree with Alec, fireworks in the city are not a ‘bonus’ for most people.

  • sajh

    Actually it was a nice end to the weekend and a beautiful show. Being that you were sitting at home, you probably would have enjoyed it should you have left your apartment. Plus it was only for about 15 mins and at 7:30pm. When besides the 4th ( which havent even been in the east river for years), have you been disturbed by fireworks? Many hundreds of people enjoyed them. Just b/c you didnt… so what.

  • David on Middagh

    Sajh, my South-facing windowpanes were buzzing in their sashes.