Yassky and Squadron Speak Out on Budget Process

On Friday, November 14, City Council member David Yassky and State Senator elect Dan Squadron issued a joint op-ed in the New York Post entitled: “YOU MAKE RULES, YOU FOOT BILL.” The somewhat unusual joint statement came shortly after New York State Governor David Patterson announced his proposed budget modifications which will be debated at the special session of the Legislature next week.

Politically speaking, was this a good move for Yassky and/or Squadron?

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  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    This is one of those eminently sensible ideas that all too often get dashed on the rocks of political reality. Perhaps having a Democratic governor and majorities in both houses of the legislature will facilitate reforms; though, as Messrs Squadron and Yassky make clear, all officeholders, whether Democrat or Republican, can be said to benefit from the lack of accountability under the existing regime. Also, even with one party in charge, there are still regional (downstate vs. upstate; urban vs. suburban and rural) divisions with which to contend. My feeling is that, for reform on issues of division of government responsibilty to succeed, there will have to be considerable focus on these issues in the press and public pressure on legislators.

  • john

    Mr. Yassky doesn’t believe in reform unless it advances his political career. Term limits? Who cares what the voters say he needs a job! Mr. Squadron and reform? Only time will tell but he should be careful who he keeps as his political buddies. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • anon

    Mr squadron a newcomer needs to be careful who his best friends are

  • TK Small

    I have been a little bit surprised that there has not been more response to this posting. For a politician like Squadron who bills himself as representing Reform, the idea of associating with Yassky is curious. Moving on to the points that Squadron and Yassky made, their central argument is summoned up in the title “YOU MAKE THE RULES, YOU FOOT BILL.” This strikes me as just another recitation of the arguments leveled against federal spending issued by the Contract with America Crowd. The States Righters were always complaining about “unfunded mandates”. Until we get to the point where we accept the notion that some form of universal health care will be provided to every citizen, we are simply kicking the can down the road indefinitely.