Promenade Painter

Flickr photo by patrikgirl

Flickr photo by patrikgirl

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  • AliG

    His name is Alan Streets and sometimes he can be seen in Dumbo and the Flatiron District. The texture of his paintings is amazing and he’s got a fabulous cockney accent.
    We own one of his paintings of the Brooklyn Bridge, here’s his website –

  • my2cents

    That photo reminds me how much I miss those squat blue dock buildings already… They better build that park quickly.

  • Beavis

    With the State’s severe anticipated budget deficit, we might be looking at those empty piers for quite a while. I hope not.

  • my2cents

    Ah Beavis, I have no doubt about that. We’ll be looking at those bare piers for quite a while.

  • AEB

    Maybe we could dress the piers up a bit. Some ball fringe? Wood-grain contact paper? Baby chick decals?

  • lifer

    “ball fringe” I am speechess

  • AEB

    I know, lifer.

    It–the idea, the reality–is to conjure with.