Atlantic Avenue’s Sahadi’s Preps For Wall-To-Wall (To Wall) Expansion

It was more than a year ago that BHB reported neighborhood institution Sahadi’s petition to expand the gourmet & Middle Eastern food market at 187 Atlantic Avenue. Good things come to those who wait: Sahadi’s will close from September 17-23, as it begins an expansion that will tie in three storefronts, while offering a new coffee bar, extended cheese station, a new paint job, new lights and new refrigerators.

According to owner Charlie Sahadi—the “Ambassador of Atlantic Avenue”—this is the first time the store will temporarily close since its launch in 1948. He tells “We’re not recreating the store; we’re expanding and offering a neater and cleaner store with more departments. We’re hoping that 75-80% of the changes will be ready for the reopening. They’ll be some exciting changes and I hope our customers will like them.”

Many of the departments will be moved around, which Sahadi adds will be an adjustment for staff and customers, but he assures that employees will be on hand to show off the grocery’s new lay of the land. Its biggest challenge is having the kitchen ready to go for this year’s Atlantic Antic, on September 30. “We’ve been working from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., trying to get everything done. We always open for the Atlantic Antic, and we have to be prepared in the kitchen—and I think we will,” he says.

Read the full story at here. (Photos: BHB/Charlie Sahadi: Brooklyn Community Foundation.)

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  • signoff

    Awesome! Now just open on Sundays!

  • Livingston

    Great news (love the place), but I hope they don’t make it too “polished”. I love the old-time, bare-bones, neighborhood feel.

  • David on Middagh

    …and it wouldn’t be Sahadi’s if you weren’t squashed up against your neighbors at the nut jugs.

  • AL

    I still miss the barrells

  • 5thfloorwalkuper

    Darn! Wish I’d known this in advance – I was planning a trip there this week.

  • Moni

    Sahadi’s is what it is because the owner is a gem, and that won’t change.

  • Boerum Bill

    Yes! Please be open on Sundays, so us liberal atheist Demdonks can get our olive bar on!

  • Josh

    Yeah, expanded space is nice, but expanded hours (either to be open on Sundays as suggested above, or later than 7 on weeknights) would be more useful IMO.

  • north heights res

    This article is essentially plagiarized from its source. Direct quotations lifted from the original aren’t in quotation marks. If you read this and think it’s a good blog post, steal their idea, go to Sahadi’s, and write something original, or put the first paragraph of the article here and then link to the original. This sort of “blog post” has come to dominate this site and it’s embarrassing and parasitic.