Remembering 9/11 on the Promenade

Today’s Daily News profiles Kensington resident Susan Budgell, who was working in downtown Manhattan on September 11, 2001, and who

goes to the Promenade to pay her respects on 9/11 anniversaries because it’s too wrenching to return to Lower Manhattan. From Brooklyn Heights’ shoreline she gets a sense of perspective — and just enough distance to be able to pray.

The Daily News article quotes Brooklyn Heights residents Mel Issen, 86, who clearly remembers the event, and Adam Kemmerer and his wife Chasi, who will go to the Promenade in the morning for silent prayer and tribute.

It also notes that Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clerics will conduct a candlelit service at the Montague Street entrance starting at 7:30 p.m.

Photo: Chuck Taylor, The Smoking Nun.

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  • Salma T. Vahdat

    Today was a day like that infamous one,11 yrs. ago…sunny, cloudless sky, cool and breezy conjuring up thoughts of a colorful coming Autumn. My reverie was shattered with the horrific memories of 9/11. Tonight I was driving from Bay Ridge to Cobble Hill on the BQE and there it was….the double shards of light piercing the Manhattan sky and my heart.
    For all those lost on that day and for their families, I pray that their memory may be eternal
    Time does not fade the trauma of that day nor erase the sacrifices made by the first responders. Let us remember!

  • Prom Gal

    Beautiful tribute.