P.S. 8’s Middle School to Open Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Thursday, September 6), M.S. 8, the middle school extension of P.S. 8, will welcome its first students. The school is located in the George Westinghouse High School building (see photo). M.S. 8 students will use the building’s Tillary Street entrance, between Jay and Bridge streets.

State Senator Daniel Squadron, who advocated for and worked to secure establishment of the new school, will be on hand to greet students and parents starting at 7:30 a.m.

Image: a child grows in brooklyn.

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  • Park Lover

    Then what’s happening with the middle school space that Walentas promised our government officials, so he could build his highrise under the Brooklyn Bridge?

  • David on Middagh

    Park Lover, I found this on the McBrooklyn blog (April 2011):

    “P.S. 8 alone holds more than 500 kids. The Dock Street middle school — if it is ever built (note lawsuit appeals have not yet been heard) — would serve 300 kids coming from all over District 13. About 20 schools would be feeding into Dock Street middle school, not just P.S. 8.

    “Meanwhile, P.S. 8 kids have nowhere to go after they leave elementary school. It’s time for a P.S. 8 middle school.”

    (Reporting attributed to the Brooklyn Eagle.)

  • Crawford

    The middle school at Dock Street is coming. The building is breaking ground this Fall.

    Lawsuits (if they occur) are par for the course with any new development in NYC, and will be dismissed. It would be more newsworthy if there weren’t at least one frivolous lawsuit.

  • lori

    I am interested to find out how this will work out and how many Heights parents will send their kids to the Westinghouse building. My daughter was a student at PS 8 from 1988 til 1995 and the PTA was trying to work out a Middle School solution back then. Most of the kids ended up going to some of the special Middle Schools in Manhattan.

  • Knight

    What is a “Middle School”? Is it what we called Junior High back in the 70s (grades 7-9)?

  • davoyager

    Once again the DOE is depriving our kids the educational opportunities found in most other areas of the city. They are trying to do this on the cheap requiring an already over burdened administration at the PS 8 elementary school do double duty by denying them the funds to hire sufficient staff, buy equipment, etcetera to run a middle school in a separate location. I believe the DOE expects parents to cough up the hundreds of thousands of dollars required as communities do in the wealthy neighborhoods around the city. This is how they (the DOE) do business these days. If the community has enough money to contribute to the local school it can be well outfitted and popular. However for the communities not so economically robust the schools have less money and do less well. And if you are unlucky enough to live in a poor area the schools can be a nightmare. So Brooklyn Heights, how much do you want a middle school?

  • Heightser

    Just to clarify – In NYC, Middle school is 6, 7, & 8th grades.

    I have a kid who graduated from PS8 a few years ago. She was one of the lucky one’s who go into a great pubic school in Manhattan, but we would have loved to have stayed local. There is a great opportunity here. I just hope people are willing to embrace it. There was a time when people were unsure about PS8. With 6 kindergartens and enrollment over 600, I think the neighborhood has embraced the school.