Lena Dunham: ‘Girls’ Just Wanna Have ‘Fun.’

Here’s a tip for BHB followers who adore celebrity gazing in the neighborhood… Brooklyn Heights’ resident and Emmy-nominated creator, star and writer of HBO’s “Girls” Lena Dunham obviously believes that girls just wanna have fun. According to Gawker, the 26 year old is dating indie rock dork Jack Antonoff from American band fun., whose Queen-esque anthem “We Are Young” reached No. 1 in the U.S. and the U.K. this spring.

A Dunham confidante told “Us” mag, “They’re trying to keep it a secret,” despite Dunham previously describing her love life as a string of “multiple gay ex-boyfriends.” The couple recently made a video for The New Yorker together, and Dunham has requested a fun. song for the sophomore season of “Girls.” Wow, politics and stargazing on BHB on the same day. Neato!

Read more about fun. here. (Photo: Gawker)

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  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    P.S. Homer made me do it!

  • Clampdown

    Fun. does not sound like Queen. I don’t care how much their production company/mastermind creator/A&R/publicity machine wants people to believe that, and I don’t know why music “journalists” continue to lazily repeat the suggestion.

    Fun. are not even fun. They are lame. The kind of group formed specifically to make background music for car commercials. And Homer knows it!

  • Bitter in Brooklyn Heights

    She’s a pig and her show sucks.

  • Bitter in Brooklyn Heights

    Also, way too many star f*ckers in this neighborhood.

  • km

    @ Bitter I don’t know this girl and have never seen her show, but I suspect ‘pig’ might be a bit harsh.

  • Martin L

    Does the Blog really need to be stuffed up with this boring, irrelevant, promotional, commercial claptrap?

  • GHB

    Bitter is exactly that. A bitter, nasty c*** who probably needs to get f*****. And Lena Dunham is a very talented writer/director.

  • Bitter in Brooklyn Heights

    I lost my sexual appetite after seeing a half-naked Lena Dunham having sex on her show. Wouldn’t you be bitter too?

    That aside, the show is not funny or witty at all. She must have something on the folks at HBO to keep that trash on the air.

  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    Youse can be an awfully predictable bunch, you know? A little sense of humor, people! Laugh, smile, sing, enjoy life… and give your BHB a lil’ snuggle.

    P.S. Clampdown, I’ve been around since Queen’s heyday, love them, and you be wrong: fun. absolutely conjures Freddie. we “music” journalists keep saying it cause it’s true. Duh.

    And Bitter, you know you camp out in front of Dunham’s building every Saturday. Don’t deny it. I’ve seen you there, dressing up in that clown wig. Martin, I LIVE for claptrap. Thanks so much for the compliment! Hugs to all!

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Bitter you do understand she plays a role on the TeeVee. It’s acting. You know, pretending.

  • coolbridge

    the best thing about this posting is that the people that care the “least” about these musicians and artist, write the most about them…it’s a sad state. Just admit you admire them and love watching the shows and looking it up on the blog. you’ll live a happier life and who knows what season 2 will bring!!! word.