Piece By Piece: Squibb Pedestrian Bridge Timber Arrives On-Site

While piers for the upcoming Squibb Pedestrian Bridge arrived on site and were being installed two weeks ago, now the Brooklyn Bridge Park website shares that the first timber pieces of the suspension bridge have arrived on-site for installation. Each of the two main spans is 122 feet in length, and composed of black locust timber, “an excellent alternative to rainforest hardwoods.”

The bridge—which will connect Brooklyn Bridge Park to Squibb Park, just below Columbia Heights near the path that leads from Middagh Street—will be made of timber with galvanized steel connections, mesh panels and lit handrails, designed to blend in with the context of the existing industrial waterfront. The Squibb Bridge’s underslung suspension design is supported from below, opening views in all directions when crossing into the park. It is slated for completion early this fall.

(Photo: Leigh Trucks, via BBP)

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  • Heights Neighbor

    Why not just say it like it really is? The bridge will connect Squibb Park to the new luxury condos and hotel planned to be built. The main purpose doesn’t seem to be to connect the heights to the park otherwise a better location closer to the middle piers would have been chosen.

  • OR

    Or this location was chosen because you have squibb park at a lower elevation already, meaning that the distance that needs to be spanned is considerably less at this location, making this a much lower cost option of providing more access to this wonderful but access-challenged park.

  • coolbridge

    heights neighbor…i think you shouldn’t take the bridge…you should walk around the long way to blow off some steam.

  • David on Middagh

    @OR–but the bridge could have turned left instead of right.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Why would the bridge go to the middle piers? Pier 1 is where most of the action is going to be. It is the entrance to the park, it is where the ferries are. It is where Bargemusic is. It seems to make complete sense to have the bridge go to Pier 1. Of course unless you are David on Middagh or Heights Neighbor

  • David on Middagh

    The bridge could have forked.

  • Still Here

    Various forms of park access were considered from the Promenade to the park. Most were difficult to do, very expensive, and also opposed by many BH residents and perhaps BHA (not sure) who did not want the Promenade touched.

    Squib park had not been considered at that time but I think it is a good location for both those in BH and those arriving by subway.

    The build out is also much easier and less expensive due to Squib Park’s location and height and the fact that it is not going over the BQE.

    I think we are fortunate in that this unexpected amenity provides access for many, re-activates Squib Park, was fully funded by the city, and is an intriguing and eco-friendly design.

    Can’t wait see it and use it.

  • Steve R.

    I really don’t want to miss a chance to be unhappy about this great park so maybe someone can explain to me exactly why the span between Joralemon St’s park access and the Squibb Park bridge access is unacceptable? Did we really need a steep bridge over the BQE at Montegue St or Clark St to have adequate access? Really? What am I missing here?

  • Mr. Crusty

    @David on Middagh “The bridge could have forked.”

    Not even going to comment.

    @Steve R: Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee this morning but I’ve read your post a couple times and I can’t decipher it whatsoever. Not sure what you are asking

  • Fast_walker

    The new bridge will make it a lot more convenient for the PS8 kids to go down to the park. I hope this will also revitalize the squibb park itself, which right now is a dead space.

  • http://julianhsiung.com Julian

    This is such waste of public’s money and another projectthat benefits the private developers. The main entrance just few steps away and less hassle to get to the park then the deep slope to get to the bridge and longer walk to get to the park.

  • http://julianhsiung.com Julian

    Once again this is the dirty hands of the BBP gives the private developers the big confortable cushions for their art/hotel projects.

  • Mr. Crusty

    oh Julian…. please, so silly.

  • Knight

    I wouldn’t mind silly if it were more coherent.