Karl on Squibb Park Bridge Progress

Mr. J. is a fan of all things Brooklyn Bridge Park. In the video (see after the jump) he’s given us some glimpses of progress in construction of the pedestrian bridge that will connect Squibb Park, just below Columbia Heights near the path that leads from Middagh Street, with Brooklyn Bridge Park. The poured concrete supports that will hold the wooden bridge aloft are being installed at the BBP level. He also shows work being done to improve the access ramp from the sidewalk at Columbia Heights down to Squibb Park. Sections of the wooden bridge are being fabricated offsite; we look forward to their arrival.

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  • ABC

    I assume Squibb is out for PS8 kids. I walked past the school the other day — do they have a playground other the the small one left after the addition? Did they add a roof playground? You can’t see it from the street.

  • http://www.thebha.org Judy Stanton

    Squibb Playground will re-open with completion of the pedestrian bridge so PS 8 kids and others may play there. Meanwhile, PS 8 has outdoor play space on two sides of the building, which is easily visible from Middagh Street. They do not have a rooftop playground.

  • Gerry

    @ Judy Stanton – in the 1980s when I first came to Brooklyn Heights the Squibb Plyground was a disgusting place illegal drug and sex activity at all hours many local homosexual men involved with young male prostitutes here it was a sight I would watch from the part of the Promenade near Harry Chapin Playground the drug use and sexual activity amoung the men — and so the park was locked-up and has remained that way for a long time.

    I suspect that the same activity will start up again this is a great spot for a vouyer or exibishionist one can engage in sexual activity next to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway for all to see now how many spots provide that kind of exposure?.

    I personally feel that all people have rights should be able to behave as they wish as long as others are not being hurt but you heard it here first that Squibb Playground will become a problem again when it is unlocked.