Take A Look At Me Now: 62 Montague Street Reveals New Facade After Two-Year Restoration

The 10-story Queen Anne beauty at 62 Montague Street, near the entrance to the Promenade, is at last revealing its two-year massive facade restoration. In September 2010, the coop building began a meticulous project to repair and restore every iota of its brick, mortar and terra cotta exterior; this week, the scaffolding is coming down, level by level.

The Harbor View Apartments, later named The Arlington, were completed in 1887. The building was designed by Montrose W. Morris, with architectural firm Parfitt Brothers overseeing the project—as well as the Montague, Grosvenor and Berkeley apartment buildings on Montague Street.

The Arlington originally contained 20 family apartments and 10 “bachelor”—or studio—units. For its first 20 years, it was the tallest residence in the Heights. And now, it’s the building I call home. For more history, see the BHB post “A Love Letter To Brooklyn Heights” from March.

(Photos: current/Chuck Taylor; painting/John Lloyd; 1920 vintage/New York Library Archives)

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  • Lois

    Thank you for your continued spotlights on buildings in the Heights. They are interesting and informative. BTW, I saw the Genevieve program spotlighting your apartment in the building.

  • GHB

    Glad to see the building back. Did they restore that awesome awning at the entrance?

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, I really enjoy posts like this. Much more than cranky people arguing about strollers and such.

  • Chuck Taylor

    sadly, the beautiful iron canopy over the entrance was lost long ago… it has been mourned by the building’s board and its shareholders for many decades.

  • Gerry

    I remember the old women who lived in the great apartment with the wood burining fireplace in the front — her chrstmas tree each year — she passed away and her son who wore a funny hat had put down roots to claim succession rights to her rent stabilized apartment or a buy-out from the co/op sponsor does anyone know what ever happned to that tall guy?