Open Thread Wednesday 11/5/08

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  • Jo

    As a Clark Street resident, last night was one of the first times I didn’t mind all the noise so much…my problem is the rest of the work week when students are outside yelling, screaming, or having loud discussions from midnight until all hours of the morning. The signs they have placed on the doors outside (warning students against loitering/smoking/noise) are a joke since there is absolutely no accountability. I have placed calls to 311 on a few occassions (who in turn may notify the police), however, I think it is the management that needs to hear the complaints since the people who work the front desk at night don’t seem to care or lack the power to do anything. I have placed a few phone calls to their corporate office which happens to be right at Clark Street. I suggest others do the same or stop by in-person asking to speak to the site director: 55 Clark St. | Brooklyn, NY 11201 | Phone (212)977-9099. To be fair, I don’t completely blame the students, it is not all their fault that their dorm is stuck in the middle of one of the most peaceful/quietest neighborhoods near Manhattan.

  • AliG

    Is that Henry Miller plaque on the corner brownstone on Northside of Remsen/Henry new?

  • John

    It was a presidential election. The fact that people were celebrating in the streets and keeping everyone else awake all night is ridiculous. I do not blame the college kids- i blame the idiots running the place.

  • Billy Reno

    It’s official! Republican is the new gay!

  • GHB

    And you’re a screaming Republican!

  • nabeguy

    We’ve gone from NoBama to
    Which must have the GOP wondering
    While they fume and have a
    But before we ask
    SoBama what are you going to DoBama?
    Let the man enjoy his victory and take a

  • Heights Resident

    NYC Department of Education 2010-2014 capital plan is online.

    Includes plans for a 416 seat school at Dock Street scheduled to begin design in October 2010, construction in June 2012 and completion in May 2014. It’s listed as “small PS” (as opposed to the PS/IS or IS/HS categories), which I take to mean an elementary school, NOT a middle school, but I could be reading it wrong. No mention of the status of the PS 8 annex, either as a 2004-9 project in process or carried over to the new plan, but I’m not sure if the omission means anything.

  • CB Photography

    This “redistribution of wealth” horse that the Republicans keep flogging drives me crazy. For the past 8 years, the Republicans have executed the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of our country TOWARD the wealthy and AWAY from the poor and middle class. They have done this through tax policies that have disproportionately benefited corporations and high-net-worth individuals. I didn’t hear the Republicans screaming about “redistribution of wealth” then!

    All Obama wants to do is change the tax policies so that poor and middle-class Americans keep a little more of their money, and wealthy Americans have incrementally higher taxes. I admit, his shouldn’t have used the term “redistribution of wealth,” and the Republicans jumped all over it for political gain.

    EVERY TIME THE TAX CODE IS CHANGED, IT’S A FORM OF “WEATH REDISTRIBUTION”! That’s happened in plenty of administrations, both Rep. and Dem.