Image Of The Day: Halloween In July?

Forget Christmas in July. The folks at Verizon Wireless on Montague Street—apparently wanting to insure no passersby ended up meeting the Grim Reaper in the netherworld below the sidewalk—placed this non-intimidating scarecrow beside the candy corn safety cone… making hay out of potential hell. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Eddie

    You want Hallowe’en in July? Leave the borough and take the first thing smoking to Union Square Park. Feast your eyes on the bearded man in drag who wears all sorts of multi coloured tulle fastened haphazardly on his hat. There is also the bare breasted woman who appears to be in her mid twenties that no police officer has approached yet for “indecent exposure”. And don’t forget the youths who are still stuck on the Gothic look who are in dire need of soap, water and toothpaste.

  • Andrew Porter

    Eddie, women being topless is not against the law in NYC. Would that more women here in BH adopted this cool form of attire.