Help Refill The Sandbox At Harry Chapin Playground: Saturday, July 28

The Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee invites all to help refill the sandbox at the Harry Chapin Playground, on Columbia Heights north of Cranberry Street. The sandy extravaganza will take place this Saturday, July 28, at 8:30 a.m. More information here. (Photo: Claude Scales)

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  • Monty

    As a devotee of Harry Chapin, I really to get rid of that sandbox. It just clogs the sprinkler and water fountain. Kids take the sand out of the box and parents help them.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, every year they refill it and within a couple of weeks all the sand is gone again, strewn by little kids and their doting parents on the surface and out onto Middagh Street, which reminds me of the streets going to the bungalows in Rockaway a half century ago.

    At least if the parents or someone swept the sand up once a week and but it back, the sand might last for more than a months or so.

    Meanwhile, directly across from the playground, there is at least one dead tree in the “Greenstreets” planting area, and a really big one on the slope leading down to the BQE.

  • Villager

    Agreed, get rid of that sandbox. It does nothing but turn the entire park into a sandy mess.

  • sarah

    I just wanted to send my two cents….I take my 2 year old there at least twice a weekend and I just wanted to say it’d be better to keep the sprinklers on then to fill that sandbox. I say this because there’s a sandbox at the pirateship playground in DUMBO and after a rain, it’s a soggy, muddy mess. Also, I found broken glass in it once.

    I’m just saying, the kids at Chapin are SO happy with the awesome toys and the water feature that I’m pretty sure they’re cool without sand.

  • ion freeman

    It’s 8:30. There’s no sand until 8:30.

  • Gerry

    i would not put my child in that sandbox it is full of rat fecal matter and so is the sandbox at BBP and Pierrrepont Playground no sandboxes in urban playgrounds you can not keep rodents out of the sandbox.