New CBS Drama ‘Elementary’ Set In Brooklyn Heights, Filmed In Harlem

Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary Victorian detective Sherlock Holmes has been transported to 21st century Brooklyn Heights in a new CBS Thursday night drama, “Elementary,” which premieres September 27 during prime time after its hit detective series “Person of Interest.”

Buzz about the show is mounting, according to The New York Post, not only from advertisers, but from the geek squad at Comic-Con in San Diego, who were zealous after being shown a sneak peek last week.

The Rob Doherty series stars British actor Jonny Lee Miller “as the funny and eccentric Holmes who, in his capacity as consultant to the NYPD, can deduce all manner of things the rest of us wouldn’t think of to solve a murder. He does it all with panache, great wit and peculiar style,” the Post reports. Lucy Liu stars as Watson.

While Holmes supposedly lives in his father’s Brooklyn Heights brownstone, the pilot was filmed in Harlem, with interiors shot at a studio in Long Island City. Setting the show in New York seemed like a natural fit also because of the city’s similarities to London. “If you’re going to transplant Sherlock Holmes to an American city it has to be New York,” Doherty says. “There’s a texture to the place that’s reminiscent of London and both have Victorian elements.”

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  • Ummmmm

    I have hope for the show. But what about the implied homosexual relationship between Holmes and Watson? Did they really have to change that to comply with the standard man/female TV love interest everyone expects.

  • ColumbiaBrights

    This needs t be bl00dy good to match the UK 2 seasons of ‘Sherlock’ modern day Holmes as a consulting detective to Scotland Yard (season one on Netflix go, seriously stop reading this and go watch it, … GO).
    Casting Lucy as Watson may add a touch of originality (read Hollywood). New York similar to London, really?
    Ok so this review tailed off toward the end, but I did tell you to go half way through.

  • Chris

    E Sherlock is possibly THE BEST series on television right now…and while its different than my beloved Jeremy Brett’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes – its true to Doyle’s character.

    I have little faith that Brooklyn Heights version could approach the quality of Cumberpatch and the BBC version. Not that it looks bad….but the previous poster is correct – Sherlock is THAT good.

  • Shannon

    I think this show is quite good. I like the touch of Watson being a woman even though I was skeptic at first. There really are no underlying homosexual tones since Watson actually married a woman In the original books. I will however say that I still do prefer the BBC Sherlock. Cumberbatch really does stay true to character. I am not disappointed in either though and thoroughly enjoy watching them both.