Chromczak: Term Limit Ruling Disses Voters

NYS SD 25 candidate John Chromczak (R) issued this statement today regarding the New York City Council’s vote in favor of changing the City’s rule on term limits:

“The failure of the City Council to give this important vote to the people shows a clear lack of respect to the voters of the City of New York. The people of New York voted not once, but twice in support of term limits. Apparently the politicians in City Hall don’t care about the voter’s voice being heard, they don’t respect the decisions we’ve made as citizens at the voting booth. They think the only vote that counts is theirs. It’s time for a change. I think all New Yorkers should be upset with the actions by the City Council and remember today’s vote come next November.”

Chromczak will face his Democratic opponent Daniel Squadron in a BHB sponsored debate this Tuesday, October 28, at St. Francis College.

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  • Beavis

    The vote today didn’t end term limts. It was a vote to extend the terms that are still limited, now to 12 years instead of 8.

  • Greg

    It is convenient that Chromczak is running for a seat in Albany where term limits aren’t even dreamed of. I would like to know if he will commit to proposing a term limits bill in Albany if he gets there.

  • nabeguy

    I wonder if Bloomie had to reposition the billions in his pockets to make room for the City Council.