Bossert Sale Falls Through

Brownstoner reports that the Watchtower Tract and Bible Society’s deal with developer Robert Levine to buy the historic Bossert Hotel has fallen through.  Levine’s RAL Companies had agreed to buy 98 Montague Street $92 million in May. It was reported that the group planned to flip the hotel to student housing.  Brownstoner suggests the deal may be off due to slow sales at One Brooklyn Bridge Park,  Levine’s other Brooklyn Heights property, and a desire to minimize the company’s risk in the neighborhood.

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  • JGM

    No problem getting cabs to go BH…and most know exactly where they are going which initially surprised me. I have never a problem getting cabs into the city either…I think that many cabs like to get back into the city the free way… bridges…so I guess they funnel through BH… Compared to midtown west and east as well as upper west side…cabs here are far easier to get (in BH)…not so much other areas

  • joe

    I have to say this news strangely made my day. I want the Bossert to have a swanky bar either on the roof or ground floor.

    Also I have never had trouble getting a taxi to Manhattan save this one freaky time where none of the trains were running and it was also raining. I love that BH is not like Manhattan except of course I wish BH would have better restaurants.

  • my2cents

    Taxis have to take you to brooklyn by law. If they refuse, report them to the TLC. Or just threaten to. That usually changes their tune. I almost always have to give the drivers directions to get to my street in BH. I find drivers’ ignorance of the streets in the “outer boroughs” shameful. The taxi driver exams should be stricter like in London. Also why do they give GPS to the passenger and not the driver??