Update: ‘Sanitary Inspection Grades’ For 11201 Dining Establishments

Back in March, BHB took a look at New York City’s Health Code Ratings for all public dining establishments in 11201, which revealed three restaurants deemed with a grade as low as “C”: Great Wall Kitchen Chinese at 60 Henry Street, One Way Deli at 26 Court Street, and Park Plaza Diner at 220 Cadman Plaza West.

A look at this quarter’s ratings shows Great Wall redeemed to a “B” (as of March 17, 2012), One Way with an “A” (June 4) and Park Plaza Diner, uh, “Pending” (April 17). Among all eateries within the zip code, no establishment is rated below a “B,” although 10 are “Pending.” So feel free to enjoy your steak tartar and clams on the half-shell.

To check out the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Sanitary Inspection Grades for all 11201 restaurants, listed A-Z (assembled by software engineer Aaron Dancygier), see here. The website also offers a search by restaurant name, address, neighborhood or zip code here; as well as an Android smartphone app here.

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  • Gerry

    I wonder if the dining room at Heights Casino was inspected?

  • Jorale-man

    Looks like Lichee Nut didn’t have a good outing according to their pending rating. Hope it was just an off day.

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    I was told that the Park Plaza Diner will be going out of business. Does anyone know more about this?

  • Elmer Fudd

    Have a hot dog, Gerry.

  • willowbubb

    I am pretty disgusted with iron chef ( yes only a B) but evidence of mice.. and soiled cleaning clothes.. that’s enough to put me off their sushi for a while.

  • cary

    About a week ago, Sergio’s (formerly Jado’s Pizzeria, formerly Monty Q’s) on Livingston just off court street was closed by the health department. Seems they failed on June 19th, and didn’t fix all the problems by the 28th.

  • Kay Corkett

    Last time I ate at Park Plaza Diner I let them know that the women’s room was so dirty that I would have to stop eating there. The manager took me outside to show the present roof construction and assured me that they were about to begin a major renovation of the Diner, especially the bathrooms. Maybe that’s why they got a ‘p’?

  • Villager

    I’m pretty sure the Park Plaza is not going away. Complete renovations, yes.

  • eg

    I am getting a blank screen when I try to download any of these links. Help, please!!

  • http://nychealthratings.com Aaron Dancygier

    Hi eg Im Aaron from nychealthratings.com. I unfortunately had to reboot nychealthratings.com because of a glitch in java. It should be back now. Thanks for linking to my site.

  • Andrew Porter

    Gerry, we need a pool or aquatic center with a restaurant where everyone can get ptomaine… Uh, sorry, getting confused there from the heat…

  • http://n/a Barbara Shernoff

    Kay Corkett: I hope, for Park Plaza Diner, that future renovation is not another word for shutting down the place for good. i was also told of a possible renovation about 3 months ago and nothing has been done yet. The continuing P (pending) rating means they still have not corrected their health violations–not a good sign. I hope they get their act together and stay in business.

  • ColumbiaBrights

    There’s an app for that…
    ABC EATS let’s you search, and see details of gradings. Interesting reading – especially where your fave place has a history of high (=bad) scores with reasons given (evidence of roaches etc)
    Have fun!

  • jackbequick

    river deli on joralemon has kept their grade pending sign in the window for about a year now. They are a B and afraid to show it. I think this is quite a pathetic display from a restaurant.

  • Sal Manilla

    River Deli needs a city inspector to check why their grade is not in the window. They also need to be audited, cash only is such a tax scam.

  • BH’er

    Does the ice cream truck get inspected?? There are so many flies swirling around in there, the truck could be carried off by the swarm – really gross

    I can’t imagine what’s mixed in with the sprinkles, cones and other stuff – so gross!!

  • http://nychealthratings.com Aaron Dancygier

    I just posted the latest inspection results http://nychealthratings.com/nycrestapp/browse/3/Brooklyn%20Heights

  • http://www.nychealthratings.com Aaron Dancygier

    Hey me again! I just finished a new feature I’m pretty excited about. I’m now tweeting out the latest restaurant inspections. weekly so if you are interested in A restaurants in your neighborhood search for #nycgrade_A 11201 etc.

    I’m tweeting to hash tags #nycgrade_A #nycgrade_B #nycgrade_C and #nycgrade_P. Included in all tweets is zipcode name of the restaurant and link to it’s inspection results. If you are interested in following, my twitter handle is @nyhealthratings and @adancygier in real life.