Collegiate Housing At The St. George: Deluxe Living

If you’ve walked past the St. George Hotel outside the 2/3 subway stop on Clark or Henry streets and been curious about what the EHS collegiate residences there offer today’s poor, starving, overworked college students, I’ve got two words to describe it: luxe living.

“You’ll have the time of your life,” EHS suggests. “Our all-inclusive accommodations with fully furnished rooms, fitness centers, laundry facilities, study lounges and state-of-the-art everything will make you feel right at home.” Indeed. Access is available to an 8,300-square-foot student community center located on the building’s main floor, where “you can make dinner with friends in our bistro kitchen, hold a study group in the library, watch a movie in the screening room or play pool while catching a game on a flat screen TV.” There’s also an on-site laundry room and free membership to the Eastern Athletic Club next door.

Rooms are furnished with “designer beds, desks, wardrobes and dressers,” as well as free Wi-Fi, TV with cable, refrigerator/microwave and local phone service. Options: a single, double or triple room, all with private bathrooms.

An email to EHS inquiring about how much it costs to live the high life at the St. George has not yet garnered response. But I can only imagine that most hard-working Brooklyn Heights adults would be so lucky to indulge in such accommodations. And I must wonder: With so many leisure activities showcased, do they actually study, too?

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  • David on Middagh

    I had most of those amenities over twenty years ago at the University of Vermont. For better or worse, they’re becoming standard, and one way that colleges compete against each other.

    (But back then it was five or more people to a bathroom, no WiFi, and no cable TV–just basic channels in the building lounge.) Movie screenings, cafeterias, and athletic facilities were elsewhere on campus.

    I wonder how many movies students see in-building, and in our local theaters?

  • Andrew Porter

    The link on Curbed reads, “The St. George Hotel is now a dorm”.

  • bagel boy

    They need a smoking lounge so the kids don’t hang around day and night smoking in front of the bldg. This will cut down on the noise and public drunkenness on Clark and especially Henry. The dorm should accommodate that need.

  • NYPD

    Really, bagel boy, a smoking lounge in this day and age, what have you been smoking?

  • Steve R

    As someone who lives very close to the dorms on Henry and Clark, I must say I enjoy having them close-by. Most of the students are well-mannered and polite, and there is no greater amount of smoking on the benches in front of the dorm than, say, in front of some of the restaurants further north on Henry. The students also provide a presence on the street, which to me is more welcome in the late evening than would be desolation when I exit the subway.

  • WillowtownCop

    They’re all in for a nasty shock when they graduate and see what they can afford on a Starbuck’s salary with no federally subsidized student loans to pay the rent.