NYC ‘Sanitary Inspection Grades’ For All Dining Establishments In 11201

While the debate continues over the intrinsic worth of New York City’s Bloomberg-mandated Health Code Ratings for all public dining establishments, there’s potential value in considering a restaurant bearing a big “D” in its front window. I happened upon the online results of the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Sanitary Inspection Grades for all such businesses in the 11201 zip code, listed A-Z, assembled by software engineer Aaron Dancygier. Check it out here.

The good news: Eating out in Brooklyn Heights isn’t likely to have any dire health repercussions, and it’s a good bet your leg of lamb won’t be served with a side of pigeon wings. Only three restaurants merit a grade as low as “C” on the website. They are: Great Wall Kitchen Chinese at 60 Henry Street (last inspection Oct. 11, 2011); One Way Deli at 26 Court Street (Jan. 11, 2012); and Park Plaza Diner at 220 Cadman Plaza West (Nov. 11, 2011). Please note that the most recent updates on the site were at the end of February, so in fairness, the joints above may have resolved whatever issues earned them a low grade. Any establishment with a “P” is pending.

The website also offers a search by restaurant name, address, neighborhood or zip code here; as well as an Android smartphone app here.

Happy hunting!

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  • Mike

    Actually, as of last week, Great Wall is displaying a B.

  • Livingston

    iCrave Yogurt My Way is already listed — w/ a N/A rating.

  • AEB

    Well, well. I knew that Great Wall had flunked its inspection, but not that PP diner had done the same.

    Such an…interesting place for so many reasons. An ever-changing cast of waiters with the owners and manager (I assume) Gary flexing the whip hand in ways that can embarrass patrons. Or THIS patron. Let’s just say that they don’t give their staff lots of luv.

    As for the food, well, it is what it is: welcome when one feels like having that kind of food.

    The patrons are a tale for another day.

  • She’s Crafty

    I just walked by Great Wall tonight after picking my kid up from school and the rating has changed from “C” (which it was last week, when we got soup there) to “B”. So maybe you don’t have the most current information?

  • carol

    I think that a sanitary rating system is fine as far as it goes. Rats and roaches are not welcome in restaurant kitchens. But you can still get sick from an A rated place. An employee with a cough or another who didn’t wash hands can contaminate the food that is served. Friends of mine got sick after eating Five Guys takeout (the french fries were the common element) and two others (separately) got sick from Iron Chef food.

  • Brooklyn Bound

    As someone who has dealt with restaurant health code ratings elsewhere, I do not find these to be over burdensome in any respect. As a matter of fact, I think they are well thought out and well implemented. Regardless of how good any health code ratings are, often your best defense is common sense. And the same should be true for those of us here in Brooklyn.

  • adele

    Iris Cafe on Columbia Place also received a “C” letter grade, only you wouldn’t know it because they have taken it upon themselves to not display the letter grade, which of course is a violation in and of itself as the NYC Health Dept requires the establishment to display the letter grade prominently.

    I don’t have a bone to pick with this place as I have been going there on a weekly basis since last year. It just so happened that as I was waiting for my order I noticed a few things behind the counter that disturbed me, so I went to the front window to see what health dept score they received, and that is when I noticed that they didn’t have a grade posted so I checked online at the NYC Health Dept and that is when I saw they had received a “C”.