The Manneken Pis of Montague Street

This fire hydrant in front of 65 Montague has been doing its imitation of the famous Brussels statue for some time, despite numerous 311 calls.

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  • spm

    I reported this to 311 on Monday, October 13 and they were suppsoed to send it to an environmental department – not sure which – but really, what a HUGE waste of water! Shoudl someone call the FDNY as it is a hydrant?

  • Resident

    There was a DEP truck looking at it late Sunday afternoon. We thought it was fixed.

  • stefan

    I think it is very cute. It could be a tourist attraction. I like it better than the waterfalls, which actually made me want to pee.

  • hoppy

    If only there were bars and cafes serving fine Belgian ales along Montague…

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    You can get ‘Manneken Pis’ Belgian ale over at the Henry Street Alehouse.

  • Claude Scales

    MadeInBrooklyn: “Manneken Pis Ale”? Not exactly the most enticing name. As my sainted maternal grandmother used to say, “The reason beer goes through you so fast is that it doesn’t have to stop to change color.”

  • nabeguy

    I happen to be going to Brussels in December. I’ll bring this picture with me to see if this hydrant can stand up to its namesake.

  • ratNYC

    I’ve been in Brussels, our hydrant is much better.

  • hoppy

    The actual name of the beer is Lefebvre Floreffe Wit, but is often sold in this country under the name “Blanche de Bruxelles.” I’m not sure why the HSAH chooses to list it by its other alias “Manneken Pis.” Maybe they figure the name would better appeal to the St. George crowd ;)

  • french

    its names mannekin piss because the bottle has a picture of the famed statue on it.