Movie Production Assistant Escapes the Lower East Side for Brooklyn Heights

Real estate blog Brick Underground reports this week about “Kathryn” a Seattle transplant who moved to the Big Apple to pursue a career in the movie business.  Initially landing here on the Lower East Side, she quickly found that her work schedule didn’t mesh too well with the 24/7 Snookification of the area. “At any given hour, I could walk less than a block to anything from a speakeasy to meeting “Jersey Shore” wannabe’s at a bridge-and-tunnel bar.”  She adds, “At 5 am, I wasn’t drunkenly balancing between my high heels and my friends. I was fighting those exact drunk people for a cab to get to movie sets.”

Quicker than you can say “non-starter” Kathryn found a share on Montague Street and happiness here in Brooklyn Heights (with the caveat that Crumbs doesn’t hold a candle to LES hot spot Sugar Sweet Sunshine).  She makes note of something WE should try sometime, “Brooklyn Heights is convenient, but my absolute favorite has to be that I can call Lucali’s Pizza and during the time it takes to pick up some wine and walk to Carroll Gardens, they’ll usually have a table ready and waiting for me.”

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  • hicksanthrope


  • Perplexed

    Wow, the Blog must be getting pretty hard up for story content. Was there nothing more worthwhile to comment on from this weekend’s events?

  • Homer Fink

    Seriously “Perplexed”? This is a neighborhood blog about a neighborhood.
    We used to do this too:

  • mark

    So let me get this straight, she is saying it is easier to catch a 5am taxi in BH than it is in the LES?

  • Faciator

    A transplant working as a film PA just screams “mommy and daddy are paying for my apartment”. I have a hard time believing anybody finding even a share in BH on PA’s wages.

  • J.W.