Lower Montague Gets Summer Street Vendor

In the decade-plus that I’ve lived in Brooklyn Heights, I never recall seeing a street vendor on the lower side of Montague Street. On Saturday, a licensed vendor had set up shop at the corner of Montague and Montague Terrace, near the Promenade.

Said seller tells BHB that if business is brisk, he will be there weekends throughout the summer, selling cold drinks, New York hotdogs and sausage. Nice.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Another thread in which I thank everyone for posting using their real names…

  • The Rich Get Richer

    Class war! Occupy the promenade!

  • Nabeguy

    This rancor is just so sad. I can only imagine what the horse-drawn fruit vendor of my youth would have encountered with this bunch. Folks, it’s a hot-dog cart. No need to pluck the chicken and warm up the tar pots. You don’t like his food, then don’t buy it. But clearly, someone is buying his wares or he wouldn’t be there, and that, my folks, is the larger issue that you’ve overlooked.

  • PS

    Wow. Reason 8 billion I’m glad I didn’t buy the place I was looking at on Montague. Not because of the hot dog vendor, but because of the reaction of the majority of you people. Jesus. Get the hell over yourselves!

  • CranberryDreams

    I’d have to say that the intense reaction against a guy merely slinging hotdogs is sad and telling. He isn’t selling crack.. just some low-end meat products. I, for one, would love to see one of those Spanish ices carts on the Promenade, with all the great flavors.. those are really refreshing and fun in the warm weather.

  • StedyRock

    1) Believe it or not, the Promenade is a public park that attracts people from all over the city, and is not for the private use of Brooklyn Heights residents
    2) The hot dog vendor is set up to serve everyone who uses the promenade, not just Brooklyn Heights residents
    3) The Promenade is under the purview of the NYC Parks Department. Vendor fees for the Parks are considerably higher than a normal street vendor permit. I’m sure if the vendor could set up on the Promenade if 1) they even allowed it 2) if they did allow it, it wasn’t so cost prohibitive.

    And Giosue Carr – Brooklyn Heights actually was America’s first suburb, or fist commuter town, whatever you want to call it, for the bucolic surroundings and proximity to the Fulton’s landing.

  • bob

    Promenading your provincialism and snobbery much? It’s a hot dog vendor; deal with it people!

  • Kieran

    Crusty and his compatriots have it right.

  • yttrx stein

    Just so you know, everyone over at thegothamist is laughing at you snobs right now. Hahaha.

  • David on Middagh

    “And lower Montague Street is at Court Street and upper Montague Street is at the Promenade near Montague Terrace what bone head calls this spot lower Montague Street?”

    Gerry, if “lower” refers to building numbering, the piece and its headline are correct. If “lower” refers to elevation, the piece and its headline are still correct. I’m trying to think of a way in which you might still be right, possibly employing the direction of the Earth’s rotation, but from my perch in the middle of Middagh, it seems hopeless.

  • Brett

    Wow. You’re all a bunch of scumbags. Sorry a man trying to earn a living set up such a filthy eyesore in your “heights”.

  • Vanessa

    “What next? A big top? Circus animals? Clowns? Cotton Candy?”

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    (packs up, moves)

  • Facist Snob

    I find the presence of all you wannabe wealthy really quite irritating. Some of the better folk amongst us – the wealthier and therefore morally superior – are going to meet. Indeed, it will be a small group but we are powerful.

    We will be passing restrictions on certain types of clothing and, of course, will be sending the food nazi’s on their rounds to ensure you are eating organically grown and following a gluten free diet. Any evidence of sugar or salt and you will be dealth with harshly before the High Court of Brooklyn Heights. We will need to do a background check on your family lineage as well, to ensure that your blood lines are pure enough for our respectable and tasteful neighborhood.

    Don’t be too concerned about those people of color or, as we jokingly like to call them,”The Have Nots”. They’ll be gone soon and those of you who have been surviving here with financial ties to your mommy and daddies will be summarily evicted.

    Yes, our elitism and bigotry will guide us all and reign supreme. Fear not, oh children of the Mid-West!! We are sure your families will welcome your return as the NY natives cheer your departure.

  • dream-king

    Crusty is right.

    Public space is public domain, which is the real underlying framework for your caterwauling. People who talk about disgusting food and disgusting people need to understand they’re morally wrong, and are being treated as such.