Lower Montague Gets Summer Street Vendor

In the decade-plus that I’ve lived in Brooklyn Heights, I never recall seeing a street vendor on the lower side of Montague Street. On Saturday, a licensed vendor had set up shop at the corner of Montague and Montague Terrace, near the Promenade.

Said seller tells BHB that if business is brisk, he will be there weekends throughout the summer, selling cold drinks, New York hotdogs and sausage. Nice.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • GHB

    I wouldn’t mind the cart if they gave us more garbage cans, which are overflowing every Monday morning.

  • anon

    As more people start coming to the area for the promenade, park, etc., do people not expect that other things such as food carts will also begin to appear?

  • eg

    If all of the objectors will stop to think about the location of the cart, you would realize that he was catching the tourist trade that enter or leave the promenade. No one need buy if they don’t want to. I’m sure he would need a license anyway.

    I prefer my hot dogs grilled and only buy from the man near JP Morgan Chase on Montague.

    Don’t get so hysterical about these carts.

  • Gerry

    @ Big Dave its a Promenade and not an Esplanade get with the program wake up and smell the coffee.

    And i agree with you put he vendor and his filthy cart on the Promemade keep him off Montague Terrace.

  • Raisincat

    Well said Mr. Crusty!! I completely agree with you.

  • Curmudgeon

    @Gerry: Big Dave is correct. It IS actually an Esplanade and not a Promenade, though it is popularly called one.

  • shamrock

    You make some good points, Mr. Crusty!

    And Gerry, I woke up yesterday and think I smelled coffee on the Esplanade.

  • She’s Crafty

    What if he moved up by the playground? That would seem fair, given that the ice cream truck (already targeted by haters on this board, but apparently here to stay) is there, and they wouldn’t really take business from each other, but I bet the parents in the park might appreciate a hot dog sometime. AND, could still reach the Promenade trade too.

  • Knight

    The Promenade is the name of the esplanade in Brooklyn Heights.
    Everybody wins!

  • BH’er

    @She’s Crafty – thank you, I don’t see how there is such objection to the hot dog guy, but the ice cream truck with the 1950’s generator pouring carcinogens right into a playground is so wonderful

    at least the hot dog guy isn’t there from morning until dark anytime the temperature is above 60F

    and, there’s no exhaust or noise from the hot dog guy, so enjoy!

    @AEB – some street life is great but a hot dog vendor is not drawing people in… a pinkberry ice cream cart and Mitoushi sushi stand would be much better for this nabe

  • Mr. Crusty

    Why exactly would a Mitoushi sushi stand do better in this “nabe” than a hot dog cart? Oh right because we’re from the Heights where we don’t indulge in such low class food like hot dogs. How about a Brie and wine cart?

  • BH’er

    i like the way you’re thinking Crusty (and disappointed in myself for missing that one – very high potential, esp near the playground – what parent/nanny there couldnt use a glass of bubbly and some cheese and crackers?)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    Touché Mr. Crusty, correct on all points.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    BH’er you seem to have your butthole pulled through your nostrils, you might want to look into that.

  • BH’er

    whatever food cart takes up residence, they can make more selling books on tact and decency to several of our fellow bloggers than hot dogs or sushi rolls

    @Arch – your comments reflect well on you and your family… are you sure your birth certificate doesn’t say “Arse Stanton?”

  • JC

    The “Lower End” of Montegue? What, is this Egypt? The Promenade the Delta? Too funny….

  • David on Middagh

    I’ll say this as tactfully as I can. It is a usage peeve of mine, and I’ll bet of others, too: we who comment aren’t blogging. The bloggers here are, of course, the esteemed, the exalted, the bylined ones: Chuck, Claude, Karl, Homer and the rest.

    BH’er, I think you will agree that me and you and everyone else way down here under the pixel literature–we are just the lowly commenters. Scum of the earth, really.

    And now I’ll go ooze back under my rock.

  • She’s Crafty

    A brie and wine truck, yes. Please?

  • Big Dave

    The walkway extending Montague St. to the Promenade its called…

  • BH’er

    @PromGal – Remsen St has some great carnivals every couple weeks in the summer, so we have that Disney atmosphere already

    And street life is great – Carroll Gardens has lots of it and we would love to move in that direction – so many people, dining options, shops – everything you need….

    “…noise, crowds, commerce, and filth of the city….” we’ve got all that too!

  • Andrew

    Having had an office where my window was directly above a skewer cart most days, I definitely understand the concerns of anyone who lives down the end of Montague for smell reasons. That said, I would love to see more food carts around the neighborhood, just not on the residential blocks.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Arch… where you been? You been chassin my wabbits again?

  • alamar

    most of you brooklyn heighters are transplanted trustfund snobs who for some reason think because you pay such high rent that your more powerful than those who have to work for their money the old fashion way. while you sit around with your idiot friends and let your nannies raise your children, most brooklynites have to hustle for a dollar. why don’t you venture out into other parts of the city and experiance neiborhoods where real nyer’s live. now i know why kids from the hood go to your area to mug you. what a bunch of cowards.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    Elmer, I thought that was your job. I was camping out in Death Valley for a while then up in the Adirondacks. No internet out in those parts.

  • http://verizon Michael

    Mr. Crusty. You are so brilliant. I love the way you silenced Madame Prom Gal and her provincialism. I would call her something else but I am a black guy and I don’t enjoy pulling that card. Who knew that these democrats (or closet republicans) could be so snobbish, IN NEW YORK CITY. Who knew hot dogs could awaken the victorian instincts of the select few. Maybe it is a form of compensatory reflex born of shame from not being able to afford something superior in Manhattan. They remind of Mrs. Bouquet (Bucket) in their valiant quest to keep up appearances.

  • Giosue Carr

    You’re an ass, I’ve lived in Brooklyn my entire life and the fact that you call it America’s First Suburb immediately puts you into the snob category. You’re probably one of those people who call going into the city “going into Town” like in a Jane Austen novel. You’re an ass. Go home, just because you’ve been here a decade doesn’t make you a New Yorker. Your attitude makes you a New Yorker, and your attitude sucks. Get out of here you spoiled and entitled jackass.

  • Mike

    The saddest thing about this story is that the “disgusting food” sold by this “disgusting person”, as Heights Guy puts it, is probably the best thing to eat on all of Montague Street.

  • brooklynie

    This sounds similar to the ridiculous complaints in Park Slope to the ice cream truck near the park. This attitude of the rich against the working class is sickening. That some people actually don’t believe other people have the right to make a living. You may own your home but you don’t own the street. If you don’t want to look at people who are not rich, white and entitled such as yourself then move to the suburbs or the Upper East Side.
    I agree w/ G. Carr that I can tell you are not New Yorkers and it shows. You are posing as a New Yorker.
    I live in Flatbush/Ditmas Park because it is diverse and there are plenty of wealthy people here with million dollar homes but that attitude of entitlement would not fly here. We have food carts and trucks on Cortelyou Road. It makes the neighborhood better:))

  • Your Friend

    Those of you getting upset over a hot dog vendor befouling your sanctified, insular little neighborhood might do best to leave New York City. There are other places in this country more fit for those of you who’d prefer to live in social and economic isolation. The last time I checked, Brooklyn Heights was not a walled city.

  • Dick

    you sir are pathetic…