Fun Events at Moxie Spot

From the BHB Inbox, word of upcoming events at the Moxie Spot, 81 Atlantic Avenue:

Family Movie Night Tonight (Friday) at 6:15pm!
Come relax after the week, enjoy some dinner and popcorn and relax with the kids.
If your kids are early-to-bed, early-to-rise come buy on Saturday morning for the 9:15 am replay.

This Friday (10/17): The Fox & The Hound
Finishing up the theme of farmyard animals, The Fox & The Hound is the story of two childhood buddies who grow apart. Copper, the dog, is faced with the decision to obey his owner or honor his friendship with his childhood buddy.

Next Friday (10/10): The Nightmare Before Christmas
The heartfelt tale of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and all things that go bump in the night [Please be ready. This movie is a little scarier than most we have been showing.]

Halloween Bag Decorating and Monster Mash!
We’ll have trick-or-treat bag decorating in the afternoons during the week leading up to Halloween. Decorate reusable bags to fit your devilish mood. Come back after Trick or Treating in the neighborhood to get some food into the kids before a candy meltdown sets in. Monster Mash: Costume dance party starts at 6:30pm on the 2nd Floor.

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  • E G

    Awful, awful place.

    The whole food system is oddball, unworkable. The decorum makes no sense whatsoever – I mishmash of clashing materials and styles. The food which seems an afterthought is uniformly unremarkable. I would never take a child there. It gives ME nightmares.

  • David

    Yep, awful. They are less than a block from me and I would not think for a second about dining there. They actually gave me one of their personal pizza’s folded up inside of a pastry box. Incredible. Such a waste of space and what must have been tons of money.

  • Mark

    LOL – – David, was the pizza just folded around the edges, or completely folded over on its self??

  • Frank

    Do either of the complainers above have kids? If you did you’d love the place. Yes it’s a “mismash” and that’s what kids love most. You want “remarkable” food? Go to Noodle Pudding. This place is a cheaper, better, more fun Chuck-e-Cheese right here in our neighborhood. It’s awesome.

  • Nigel

    Gotta agree with Frank on this one… besides, we’ve learned that you can stop in with the kid for an hour, have a couple of milkshakes, and move on. Doesn’t have to be a four-course meal.

  • David

    Like most people I know, I loathe being around children so that is the primary reason for staying away from the this “restaurant”. As for the pizza, it was literally folded in half inside of a small pastry box. It was so bizarre I didn’t even feel angry. I actually felt sorry for the place. The whole affair was incredible really. I walked in to pick up the order I had phoned in and was met with two girls at the register who had no idea what to do with themselves: no clue where my order was, could not answer any of my questions, and just sort of stared vacantly through the whole thing. I give them another 6 months tops.

    In better news, La Pizzetta on Atlantic is quite good. Friendly service and above average to excellent pies. Who would have thought a decent eatery could actually open in the Heights these days? And the Atlantic Book Shop is a great new addition too.

  • Dorris

    @David – “Like most people I know, I loathe being around children…” Yeah, so agree that you should maybe spend less time at restaurants focused on catering to kids. Just a thought. Btw you and your friends must love this neighborhood… :-) Whatever you do don’t head into the Slope on a weekend!

  • David

    Hi Dorris – I picked up food once at Moxie Spot, so I have really only spent a few minutes inside and like it appears to normally be when I walk by, it was basically empty.

    And honestly the parts of hood that I spend most of my time and the block that I live on are not as swamped with kids as others, thankfully. I find Park Slope and Cobble Hill to be way more plagued with that sort of thing to be honest.

  • luvtheheights

    David – I can only imagine that you must have had a very sad childhood to loathe being around children.

  • Jazz

    I believe that a line has just been crossed. Please do not speculate on the horrors of childhood.

  • AliG

    Nice work, Jazz. Very diplomatic. ; )

  • David

    Luvtheheights – No not at all. Perfectly happy childhood in Upstate NY. Is it that hard to believe that there are people that are just sort of creeped out by children and prefer to avoid them? Strange, I know plenty of perfectly well adjusted people like that. I’m not saying that I want them put down or anything.

  • luvtheheights

    If someone posted something regarding loathing people of a certain ethnic or religious group the post would have been censored. When did it become ok to say that you loathe children? As a parent (and former child) it sickens me that it is acceptable to use such strong language. Choose not to be around kids? Fine, your perogative but watch how you refer to others. This is what I teach my kids.

  • Jazz

    Geez all the guy said was that he didn’t like being around kids. Truth is everyone likes kids, it’s the parents they can’t stand.

  • jenny from the block

    David I can understand not enjoying being around kids and not feeling comfortable in situations where you find yourself surrounded by children, but at the same time I am a parent and I do agree with luvintheheights that stating that you “loathe” children is a little on the hateful side.

    As for Moxie Spot, I have taken my toddler there on a couple occasions specifically because they are kid friendly. I did not go there with the thought that I would get fantastic food or anything. I just wanted a place to eat while my toddler could run around and have fun also. It’s nice that my kid can race cars on the floor or create an art project while I sit nearby and have a bite to eat. It’s not the best food in the neighborhood for sure but it’s not that bad either. I like the sweet potato fries. From my point of view their focus has always been on the kids. It is quiet obvious what crowd they are attracting and by the crowds upstairs on Sat nights, I think they are doing pretty well. I hope they continue their programs and I will continue to go there.

  • AliG

    Luvtheheights, NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!! calm down.

  • David

    Luvtheheights – Wow, equating me saying I loathe being around children with racism? Sorry dear, but it’s sounds like you may have some issues of your own. Big ones.

    Rest assured, there are others like me, right here in your neighborhood that don’t like children. That do not find them precious or cute. That would prefer not to hear them yapping and crying at dinner or at the theatre or in the cafe. It’s not strange. We are people who moved to cities to get away from that sort of thing.

    I must also admit to taking great pleasure in the gentleman behind the counter at Atlantic Books breaking the news that they do not have a children’s section to the blankly staring Moms. Walking in there is such a pleasure: dischordant jazz and old soul records play in the background while people rifle through old ephemera as the proprieter sneaks a cigarette in the alcove. This is the New York that has nothing to do with kids menu’s and nannies, and the scrubbed clean monotony of Montague street and it’s Spicy Pickle. Sorry for the tangent but I’m sure someone out there understands the connection.

  • HDEB

    If you hate kids NYC (especially Brooklyn) is not the place to live!
    David, I am glad I do not know most of the people you know who “loathe being around children”.
    Hearing the someone hates children is scary to me. Being annoyed at their behavior, fine, but hating children is crazy.
    Humans have biological predispositions towards fatty/sweet foods, sex and the proportions of children’s faces. We are all genetically hardwired to like children.
    Children are a joy to the world!

  • AliG

    HDEB, you seem to be somewhat intelligent. why don’t you go back and actually READ what David wrote? He never wrote that he hates children, he wrote that he loathes being around them. Which is understandable given that so many are being taken to places where they don’t have any business being. Such as (non-child friendly) restaurants, rated R movies, concerts. Oh, and I have children and still don’t appreciate having my toes almost nipped off by f*cking crazy stroller moms.

  • Jazz

    Just because life has spawned from your loins does not make you a saint.

  • luvtheheights

    AliG – What do you consider to be a non-child friendly restaurant or concert? If children are taught to good manners and to behave, there really shouldn’t be any restaurants or concerts that are off limits. One of the reasons we live here is to have the access to all of the incredible things that NYC has to offer to our whole family. (R movies are a very different thing – I agree with you).

    We taught our kids how to conduct themselves properly in restaurants – no standing on chairs or crawling on the floors. No running around. I never take it for granted that others think my kids are as great as I do! In fact, I assume the opposite and am extremely aware of how their behavior impacts those around them, but children respond to how they are treated. Treat them with respect and they will be respectful. Be tolerant and they will learn tolerance. This is why I was so shocked and offended by David’s original comment. He actually said he “loathes children”, not just being around them and fortunately the Heights isn’t “plagued” by children. Let’s set the example and have some tolerance and civility, and let’s teach that to our children!

  • David

    luvtheheights – i’d love to see where “i actually said i loathe children” but since that statement doesn’t exist, I can’t. Stop putting words in my mouth please. Thanks.

    I will reiterate: don’t loathe them or want them put down. loathe being around them and avoid them at all costs? yes.

  • AliG

    A nice dinner at the River Cafe does not need to include a screaming 3 year old.
    I’m happy that you have great children, this means that nobody on this blog is complaining about them, including David. You choose to be around kids, he does not. We should all be allowed to express our choices without being attacked. Have a lovely evening.

  • HDEB

    What about being around children do you loathe?

  • David

    The crying,screaming,shreaking, inane comments and questions,the throwing things,strollers taking up space in shops and on the sidewalk,etc. I must admit that I am hoping for another flight to the suburbs if the economy continues to tank and crime increases. We could use a cull in this city if you ask me. Too much suburbanization going on. I miss the days when families would decide that “the city is no place to raise a child”. We can hope right?

  • hoppy

    Isn’t a loather of children the direct opposite of a pedophile?

  • bornhere

    I LOVE kids (especially my own), but I think I know people who, like David, don’t. What’s the big deal? This thread is devolving into one of those pile-ons we seem to get so caught up in so often. People like David have always existed, will always exist. Ragging on people on these kinds of issues tends to make them dig in, and positions become more and more hardlined. Let it go.