Open Thread Wednesday 10/15/08

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

So what’s on your mind this week?  Comment away!

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  • Just a Neighbor

    I’m having an “I Love Brooklyn” Moment…

    Best sunset ever on Sunday night viewed from the Promenade..

    Char. No 4 looks really cool…

    More stoop sales than you can shake a stick at this past weekend..

    Sunflowers at the Farmer’s Market today..

    The Fruit Dude is BACK!

    But truly, I hate it when my fish go missing :(

  • E G

    This past weekend there was that annual street fair on Court St that is a prime example of the worst of them and Bloomberg’s statement that there are too many of them. Can someone finally deny that permit!?

  • Tabby

    Fish looks familiar.

  • AEB

    Speaking of pets, those who own and must maintain same should check out NYC Pet on Clark.

    Prices are excellent–especially for one brand of cat food I buy regularly–Fancy Feast–that’s almost forty cents less per can there than at the nearby Clark Street “arcade” deli.

    Staff’s nice, too.

  • fro-yo-yo-yo

    So what’s with the sudden frozen-yogurt-ization of Court Street?? And how do the two Red Mango wannabe’s think they can compete with the real thing (which itself is a Pinkberry rip-off, but anyway). Personally I’m excited about new Red Mango-before-Trader Joe routine.

  • henry & state

    Anyone notice on Henry St. the tour buses lately? On Sunday I think I saw at least 3 of them and one of them a was a double decker and I was just about eye level with the top tier and how about all the trailer tucks going down Henry my walls are cracking. Where’s Judy Stanton – she should be around now the waterfalls have ceased.

  • henry & state

    Tried the new brick oven pizza on Atlantic Ave. Very Good. The place is very small but the food was good and not pricey.
    yeah for Atlantic Ave.!

  • Alex

    I could be going crazy, but I think one of the abandoned stores on Columbia Place has just gotten a paint job (it’s interior is pink, which I don’t remember before)–any leads on what might be moving in?

  • Andrew

    Anyone know what’s coming to the former Flower Mart/Pig BBQ stores on Henry St?

  • AEB

    Nothing so far, Andrew, I was told.

    As noted previously, the work now being done is restorative–that is, disrepair around the storefronts is being corrected.

  • keever

    Where on Atlantic is the new pizza place?

  • Anonymous

    henry & state/tourbuses: I think it was Sunday night when they put the new surface onto Cadman Plaza West going down to the water. Tourbusses usually go down that way but couldnt that evening. I am assuming that is an exception.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what is in the old Thai Grille space on Henry?

  • Bongo

    >>old Thai Grille space
    Originally, I thought this looked like a Doctors, but it doesn’t seem as if there is enough space, or chairs for a waiting room where the reception desk is.

  • brooklynite

    don’t know, but i saw a rat climb in between the side of the building before where they tried to “foam” it closed. those suckers can climb!! whatever it is i hope that the rat problem is taken care of.

  • bornhere

    Henry & State: I’m one block north of you, and while I do think that Sunday afternoon was a special-event thing, the number of HUGE trucks barreling down Henry (especially after midnight) has increased dramatically over the years. They are so loud, I can actually hear them when they stop (and then drive on) at the light on your corner. As I’ve posted before, I did contact DOT, and they did put up a sign (oooooh, now the truckers are really scared) at the extreme north end of Henry; but it’s a meaningless action: the trucks avoid Court because Henry is one block closer to the BQE. I really think BHA needs to get involved: I’m not asking for the idyllic quiet of Mayberry — I am asking why, on a residential street, huge trucks can plow through at 2 AM.

  • nabeguy

    I usually rant about the owners of the Cranlyn Building which houses PIG/OVEN/CHEF spaces, but I do have to commend them on the restoration that they’ve done on the Cranberry St.entryway and what they appear to be doing to the Henry Street facades. Why it took them so long to get to it, and are now doing it in the middle of a market down-turn is mystifying, especially when they let those storefronts lay fallow for years with exorbitant rents. Let’s hope it portends something good (and honest) for the nabe, although I fear that it might become Montague Street North.

  • Claude Scales

    Brooklynite: those “climbing rats” are really punk squirrels sporting the hot new “shaved tail” look.

  • AliG

    The new pizza place is La Pizzeta at 145 Atlantic, between Henry & Clinton in the old Buck’s Lodge space. Really good pizza, opened by the guy who owns Savoia’s in Cobble Hill. No liquor license yet.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Any reports on the new used book store on Atlantic?

  • luvtheheights

    Pinkberry is actually a ripoff of Red Mango. It comes from S. Korea and was around a long time before Pinkberry. Red Mango didn’t come to the US until after Pinkberry had infiltrated, but it is the true original. The other two places Court Street places are not nearly as good as Red Mango.

  • henry & state

    Keever – I see AIG replied to your question on where the new pizza place is. I don’t know if they do take out but I can guarantee it will be a busy place for young families if what I saw on Friday is any indication. Not sure what a later dinner crowd would be – regardless its a plus for us near Atlantic Avenue. How about the store that used to be Ben & Jerry’s on atlantic btwn court and clinton? and the place next to Sahadi? anyone know what’s going in them?

  • ABC

    I love how everyone slams Judy Stanton and the BHA under they want something done.

  • Claude Scales

    ABC: excellent point.

  • Berkeley

    Sadly, I understand that the “doctor’s office” is the sales center for the Peaks Mason Mints/20 Henry condo rollback of Mitchell-Lama.

    New Used Book Store>>
    12th Street Books, relocated from the Village, I believe. Great stuff, but not half as exciting as the expansion of Book Court.

  • skinny

    Speaking of pizza……

    I go to My Little Pizzeria often for lunch. The staff work hard and the manager is always there standing around yelling at them to work faster while he is doing nothing. Today, he started yelling at the staff, telling them to smile. He just kept yelling, “Smile for the customers.” When they didn’t reply, he said, “I don’t hear you.” Then they all chanted, “Yes, sir, we will smile for the customers.” If he cares about the customers so much, why doesn’t he help any of them?

    Pretty creepy! What a jerk!

  • nabeguy

    ABC, you won’t see me under Judy Stanton anytime soon, but I see your point. To bornhere’s credit, she at least had the wherewithal to tackle the problem directly with the DOT instead of relying on the BHA. In regards to the buses, they have been relegated to parking (and idling!) along Cadman Plaza as a “compromise” (probably made with input from BHA), so I think that Anonymous was right in that Sunday was an exception.

  • AliG

    Pizzeta will start doing take-out soon! They have take-out menus in the front of the restaurant.

  • bornhere

    Just in the interest of full disclosure … I seem to have delusions of something: I went back to my ancient e-mails, and I note that I actually contacted BHA about the Henry Street truck-traffic issue (almost 2 years ago). So, my bad, my fraud; but the answer about the “Only Local Deliveries” sign being placed was sent from DOT to me, and hence, my reinvention of history. So BHA 1, me 0. (And no matter how it played out, the sign has made no difference.)

  • Screaming in frustration

    And how about the &^&^%^%$ trucked that parked outside of 111 Hicks at 4 am today, idled LOUDLY for (at this point) more than thirty minutes) and did repair on a street light?

    I called 311, who told me that they’d file a complaint with the DEP–which didn’t appear that it would do much to get the noise taken care of. They refused to give me my precinct phone number, saying that it wasn’t a police matter. I finally called the police, who also told me that there was nothing they can do.

    Nowhere on the city’s website can I find a number for the mayor’s office–so apparently his much-vaunted crackdown noise doesn’t apply to cit workers?

    This is outrageous…I can barely see I’m so frustrated.