Farewell, NYC Waterfalls

BHB Photo Club pic by twofones via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by twofones via Flickr

The spigot on Olafur Eliasson’s NYC Waterfalls art project will be turned off today for good.  The exhibit, which opened in late June, caused controversy as its salt water spray is being blamed for tree damage in Brooklyn Heights.  Today’s NY Times delivers the Falls’ eulogy:

NY Times: Waterfalls Exit: Ben Corman, 21, a valet at the River Café, said that if he did not work so close to one, and go home smelling like the East River, he would probably like them. Stacy Pisone, 44, a restaurant owner at a playground near the waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge, said she would be sad to see them go. “As soon as they went on today everybody went ‘Aah, look, the waterfalls are on,’ ” she said.

But Gene Kezena, 67, a retired engineer who lives in Brooklyn Heights and was relaxing Sunday on the Promenade, described them as “kind of ridiculous.”

“It was almost like a Coney Island sort of thing,” he said. “I looked at it and said, ‘It’s not exactly Niagara Falls.’ ”

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  • ratNYC

    On Friday evening as I was driving southbound along a service road of the FDR drive I saw the Brooklyn Bridge and the falls reflecting the beautiful pink almost purple colors of the sunset opposite to them. It was a beautiful sight. I love my city and I love my neighborhood.

  • my2cents

    I had a few nice moments bonding with the waterfalls too, but I am more than ready to see them go. Go riddance. Interesting idea really badly executed.

  • yo

    good riddance to the scaffolding…great idea, poor execution

  • ratNYC

    …and bring back Salma Hayek.

  • http://www.myspace.com/billyreno Billy Reno

    The Waterfalls – gorgeous and deadly…like a Bond girl.

  • ihatenycwaterfalls

    It’s a piece of junk that wasting energy, talk about energy conservation… LMAOF!