Vestigial Phone Booth Tickles Times

The NY Times writes about the last remaining Bell Atlantic branded phone booth in NYC, which happens to be in Brooklyn Heights:

NY Times: History carries a high premium in the Heights, so our first call was to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, to ask — tongue slightly in cheek — whether the Bell Atlantic livery had been maintained at the commission’s insistence.

“This booth doesn’t ring a bell with me,” said Elisabeth de Bourbon, spokeswoman for the commission. Later, remembering herself, she explained, “The commission regulates neither signs nor features of a historic district that don’t contribute to its special sense of place.”

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  • GHB

    It was removed a few weeks ago.

  • yo

    There is (or used to be) an even more ancient one at the Montague (I think) entrance to the promenade…

  • AEB

    Yo, the “booth” (and I remember when actual phone booths with folding doors you could close plus a seat PLUS a light that went on when the doors were closed) you refer to is still in place.

    It’s “labeled” Verizon–and yes, it’s near the Montague St. Promenade “exit.”