94 Hicks Street Hits The Market For $8.5 Million

A five-story, 5,500-square-foot townhouse at 94 Hicks Street in North Brooklyn Heights (between Orange and Pineapple streets) has just been listed by Corcoran for a luxe $8.5 million. The building is currently configured as five free-market apartments.

Corcoran suggests: “Combine the units to create a single family masterpiece or maintain one or more of the units for guests, family or income.” The whole kit and kaboodle is 21-feet wide on a 25’X100′ lot, with a side yard entrance leading to a landscaped backyard. (See interior photos below.)

The home was built in 1868 in the “Second Empire” style, with original detail, high ceilings and elegant proportions throughout, the listing says, while the garden and parlor floors have large windows on three sides. A grand staircase leads to the roof, where there are views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

See more photos and the property’s floorplan here.

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  • lois

    That seems high for a 21 foot wide building with five units. We’ll see what the market does with it.

  • Reality Bites

    Judging by the interior pictures (average quality, at best) and the dimensions of the space, especially the narrow width, this building has a value of $5.5 million, +/- $.2 million. The interior has one nice feature: the fireplaces. Everything else, especially the walls, is lacking in the rich woodwork typically found in brownstones selling in the $5.5 million range, no less north of $8.0 million. Broker clearly is unfamiliar with pricing and value in the Heights or the seller has a gun to the realtor’s head. Am I wrong?

  • x

    that is absolutely insane. BH is only for the Wall Street barons.

  • BH Neighbor

    There are a lot of optimistic sellers right now. There’s a condo a few blocks away on Hicks Street – not even a whole house – that just went for sale at $4.3 million.

  • http://www.cognation.net Dean Collins

    I agree with the rest of the people here, over priced.

    Not worth more than $5m and thats on a good day….

  • dog lover

    Look around you and you will see that home prices for the Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens have been steadily climbing back to and in some cases above where they were before the 2007/08 downturn in the real estate market. Don’t forget “uninspiring” as it is the Heights is a fantastic place for families, according to a certain comedian, and prices are still a bargain compared to Manhattan prices.

  • mtobe

    For a 21′ wide home that needs a complete renovation to make it a single-family home, $8.5mln is way out of line. Much larger 25′ wide homes on the Promenade have gone for around this price (adjusted for the cost of renovation, of course). These same owners tried about 10 years ago to unload this house at a then much over the top price. They failed then. They will fail this time.

  • dog lover

    The house is 21′ wide but the lot is listed as 25′ by 100′. That’s not too bad.

  • lois

    You can’t live in the extra 4 feet that the lot affords, and it isn’t big enough for a parking space.

  • Nabeguy

    This will sell for $7.9 to someone who will gut the entire interior for another $2M and use it as a private house. Tell me if I’m wrong.

  • Raphael

    I have it on very good information that it’ll be a $6.5 million sale and $1.5 million renovation, but who’s counting.