What Say You? Montague Street Biz Improvement District Survey

The Montague Street Business Improvement District is calling on all Brooklyn Heights Blog readers and area residents to participate in a survey to collect info on what folks think about programs & services in the nabe’s primary retail destination, as it strategizes future goals.

Four survey respondents will be randomly selected by BID to receive a $50 gift certificate at the Montague Street business of their choice. Housing Works, here I come! What are you waiting for? Access the questionnaire here.

Among the 18 questions:
What business, or types of businesses, would you like to see on Montague Street?
What do you like most about Montague Street?
What is the single most important issue facing Montague Street?

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  • Mark

    Hey chuck, the link doesn’t work for me in Chrome. ED NOTE: FIXED!!

  • AnnOfOrange

    Suggest that the results be shared on BHB. More people might participate if they could see the results!

  • Homer Fink

    We will.